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  1. mkmelt

    NPR Morning Item - Analog Tape Fading Into History

    For you analog fans and tape heads... Recently there was an interesting piece on NPR radio ( on the Thursday (7/7) Morning Edition. This feature addressed the decline of analog (studio) reel to reel recording technology as well as the Library of Congress converting their vast...
  2. mkmelt

    FS: Fisher 400 all-tube stereo receiver

    Note: I am not the seller of this Fisher 400 This is a Fisher 400 stereo receiver, not including the wooden case and also minus the (4) 7868 and the (9) 12AX7 or 5751 tubes needed to make it work. You can use whatever 12AX7 tubes (old or new) you already have or can afford. A new old stock...
  3. mkmelt

    Problems playing hybrid CD/SACD

    I have a small number of the hybrid CD/SACD disks and recently discovered that my Rolling Stones CDs will not play in my old Denon DCD-1500 player. My Pink Floyd DSOM hybrid disk will play in the Denon player, as will my Bob Dylan hybrid disks. All of the hybrid disks I own play just fine in my...
  4. mkmelt

    Using a modem as a case for a Meta. etc.

    I recently replaced my dead US Robotics modem and was contemplating tossing out the non-working modem until I thought it might make a good case for a desk top DIY headphone amplifier. It already has a power plug socket, a 7-LED display, and a volume control mounted (could be changed to a better...
  5. mkmelt

    Check out these speakers

    You are not going to believe these speakers I know Tuberoller is already drooling over them.
  6. mkmelt

    Stuff or Fluff?

    I recently started mining my CD collection for overlooked gems, and decided to play my copy of Marvin Gaye's album, What's Going On. This is an early CD release, a 2 for 1 album with Gaye's, Let's Get It On on the same disk. My question, for those of you who are familiar with this...
  7. mkmelt

    What I learned at the MD/DC/VA Aug 24 Meet

    I propose that everyone who attended the Aug 24th Head-Fi members meeting in Rockville drop in and share with people some of what they learned. I will start by stating I learned the following: I had no idea there was this many headphone enthusiasts living in the same general Rockville area...
  8. mkmelt

    Tube integrated amplifier kit for $139

    I was searching the net for possible tube amplifier kits suitable for headphones and came across this one. Only $139.00 for the kit, $169 assembled. The outputs are meant for 4 or 8 ohm speakers, so I don't know if this amp can be made to work with headphones ranging from 15-300 ohms. Still, for...
  9. mkmelt

    HD-600 listening using vintage equipment

    I recently purchased a ste of Sennheiser HD-600 headphones after reading the forums on this site. I have had a chance to do some listening to the HD-600s using some of my collection of vintage 60s, 70s, and 80s audio equipment. So far, I have listened to them using four pieces of vintage...