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  1. batphink

    Vacuum tubes for sale this weekend in Chicago

    Starting on Friday March 18, there's going to be an estate sale in Naperville where there's going to be a lot of vacuum tubes available. More info here:  
  2. batphink

    Cases are for wimps

    Dave Hurban wanted a more practical way of carrying his Ipod Nano so he had magnets implanted in his arm!    
  3. batphink


    Just kidding!  But this guy is amazing.     Drummer Roger Taylor is organizing a live touring show called Queen Extravaganza that pays tribute to his old band.  He's having open auditions where hopefuls can submit videos to his website.  Any clips he likes gets uploaded to Youtube.
  4. batphink

    Free iPhone screwdriver

    Iphone and ipod repair service Milliamp is giving away pentalobe screwdrivers.  You'll still have to pay for shipping ($3 usps).
  5. batphink

    TDK TH-ST800

    From Akihabara News:     Here you are TDK’s latest luxury all leather TH-ST800 overhead headphone made for those who’s looking for the best sound quality in the best package possible. Featuring a pair of 50mm driver unit with impedance of 200±10%Ω on a reproduction bandwidth of 20Hz to...
  6. batphink

    Free Christmas Album from Target

    Target has a free, downloadable album of original Christmas music.  
  7. batphink

    BARGAIN ALERT: Zune HD 32gb half price at Wal-Mart

    Wal-Mart is selling the Zune HD 32gb for $179   and it comes with a free Zune HD Premium Car Pack!
  8. batphink

    Newegg $40 combo sale

    Until October $14, Newegg is having a combo sale.  Buy one each of the following media players and headphones and save $40.   Apple - 16GB iPod nano (6th Gen) BLACK Apple - 16GB iPod nano (6th Gen) SILVER Archos - 3cam Vision - 8GB MP3/MP4 Player w/ Camera (501547) Archos - 32 Internet...