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  1. mritt400

    Alessandro MS1 Review

    Haven't been on in a while and I just came across this - Great review, modskwod.  Glad you enjoy them.
  2. mritt400

    Alessandro MS-1 (new members may want to consider reading this…)

    Duly noted, rawrster.     Pic updated. I plan on sending these out next week so, if you are interested, PM me before Monday.  I will make a selection and hope to have them posted and on their way by the end of the week. 
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  4. mritt400

    Break-up tunes

    Thanks folks.
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    Koss KSC35
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    Yuin G2
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    Koss KSC75
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    Koss PortaPro
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    Alessandro MS1
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    Denon AH-D2000
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    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80
  13. Headphones


  14. mritt400

    Is this headphone a joke?

    I sort of like the 20,000-Leagues-Under-the-Sea look. Not sure I would wear them out however.
  15. mritt400

    Denon AH-D2000 - New @ $243 USD

    Back down to $218- $222.
  16. mritt400

    Westone 1 or...

    The Westone 1's may be a bit light on the low end for Rap and R&B. I suppose it depends on your tastes however.
  17. mritt400

    Does a good stereo receiver count as a "headphone amp"?

    Some are better than others. Your receiver manual may have the HP out specs.
  18. mritt400

    Denon AH-D2000 - New @ $243 USD

    Headroom has a B-Stock "like new" for $225.00
  19. mritt400

    KOSS lifetime Warranty

    I am just waiting until something Koss breaks to try this out myself...I have to admit, much of the reasoning behind purchasing Koss was because of the warranty - I hope they don't start screwing around with honoring it.
  20. mritt400

    Koss Portapro for $18 w. free global shipping?!

    Quote: Originally Posted by the search never ends I don't even see the word "KOSS" in that page It's called Photoshop...
  21. mritt400

    Denon AH-D2000 - sold out everywhere?

    Quote: Originally Posted by roker I've been living in NYC long enough to know NOT to go to Jamaica. I bet it's one of the countless digital camera shops in NY. In midtown, you can find a digital camera store on nearly ever corner. Most prices are not fair and they expect you to haggle...
  22. mritt400

    How obsessed are you with headphones?

    a solid 6-8, so a 7 I suppose...Yeah, 7 for sure.