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  1. hadibg

    Ultrasone HFi-780 amp + dac - LD MKVII+ + DAC I?

    Hey there, people of head-fi!   After a few days of research I think I may need to update my whole current setup. I have decided I need a new DAC + amp (I currently use an M-audio firewire solo as both), chiefly because I am looking to the DT 990s in the near future. I believe that the...
  2. hadibg

    Ultrasone HFi-780 with Firewire Solo amp suggestions?

    Hey there, good people of head-fi!   I have a couple of questions - I am using a pair of Ultrasone HFi-780s with a Firewire Solo as a DAC. I am looking for an amp and was wondering if I need a full-blown one or something more portable (I only listen at home)? Price range is about...
  3. hadibg

    Music Game IX

    "Behind Blue Eyes" - The Who Quote:
  4. hadibg

    Query about setup

    Thanks! :) Glad I'm not making any major mistakes.
  5. hadibg

    Query about setup

    First of all a big hello to everyone. This forum's been invaluable in choosing the right equipment. Everything came in today, so I just wanted to ask if I've set up everything correctly.   Notebook -> M-Audio Firewire Solo -> Ultrasone HFI 780 (through headphone output)   My notebook...
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