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  1. rwooda

    A Breath of Fresh AirHead

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tyll Hertsens There is some kind of deal...I think it's 20% off if you trade in your old one. Yeah, but it appears that the discount doesn't apply to the 2004 TBH: Quote: All BitHeads are also current models, and are not eligible for the...
  2. rwooda

    Tell me why should I buy a sqeezebox

    Quote: Originally Posted by boodi So it's (mainly) a way to have all of your music at hand on command without moving cds , and it's possible only on pc. right ? Yeah, but it also has some Internet audio streaming built in too -- e.g., various Internet radio formats as well as...
  3. rwooda

    State of HeadRoom Report

    I've been away from Head-Fi for quite some time and came back before buying a new Bithead for a buddy of mine (I've had one for years and been quite happy with it). I thought I'd see what people had to say about the current rev and see if there was any Head-Fi discount floating around . Of...
  4. rwooda

    Squeezebox 2 group buy?

    I think it has a better DAC and looks better; but, I think I would have been happy with a 2. I like it because it streams FLAC. I've been trying it out in software and (except for an underpowered server) it is running really well.
  5. rwooda

    Squeezebox 2 group buy?

    OK -- I'm an idiot. I just realized I replied to a post from a year ago . . . sorry about that. So, does anyone know what the current quantity discount is on the Squeezebox 3?
  6. rwooda

    Squeezebox 2 group buy?

    I'm just about to buy two of these (one for a buddy and me). Right now they have a $100 if you buy 2. That is better than the discount they are offering in larger quantities.
  7. rwooda

    ACC..... proprietary fun

    Quote: Originally Posted by Oddball Going lossless is definitely best since it allows for good transcoding. Not just "good" transcoding, but no transcoding! I know I'm a pedant -- (which I defend because I think it is important to be precise) -- but, converting from a lossless...
  8. rwooda

    ACC..... proprietary fun

    Re-ripping is a total pain, I agree. That is why I went with FLAC so I can just convert the music to whatever format I want in the future without having to re-rip.
  9. rwooda

    I just realised... how do you delete recordings on the iHP?

    Quote: Originally posted by AGR This is all too hilarious! Big Deal!!! I consider it a safety feature. Who really cares, and what is the big effect of not being able to delete unless your connected?! It is all too simple to make such a fuss about. You connect up your USB, go to the...
  10. rwooda

    I just realised... how do you delete recordings on the iHP?

    Quote: Originally posted by bangraman I meant while you're recording. Back when I researched these things I think I remember that there is no way to delete anything from the iHP itself. You have to go to a computer to delete. Not too much of a limitation unless you are...
  11. rwooda

    HeadRoom Little Premiums

    Quote: Originally posted by highflyin9 Otherway around Low impedance headphones draw more power from the amplifier. Here's some relevant linkage I believe you are mistaken. Lower impedance headphones will draw more current...
  12. rwooda

    Any users play guitar through their cans?

    Quote: Originally posted by Synch Remember, things will sound different for numerous reasons, but a big one is that if you like the sound your speakers make at high volume (i.e. on the verge of breaking up) you will feel that something is missing. This is a place where a distortion...
  13. rwooda

    HeadRoom Little Premiums

    What is this, the baby-in-your avatar thread? Maybe we should start a team.
  14. rwooda

    HeadRoom AirHead vs HeadRoom Total AirHead?

    I asked a similar question about a month ago on the BH vs. the TBH on the Headroom forum -- Tyll and a few others gave some good answers. Check it out here:
  15. rwooda

    Invention/Innovation idea: How to proceed?

    Quote: Originally posted by Music Fanatic If it is not obvious to one of ordinary skill in the art, then yes, it is protectable. Yes, but depending on what we're talking about, it might be protected under trademark law if it is brand-related, not under patent law. I do agree...
  16. rwooda

    Invention/Innovation idea: How to proceed?

    Yeah -- if you are going to sell your idea to someone else (or license it to them), you are definitly going to want to protect your invention first. That means patent it. I suggest you check out and get their patent book (or see a lawyer). And don't tell anyone what it is...
  17. rwooda

    Blood donors

    I used to do it routinely -- I even earned a keychain It never bothered me and you get free juice and cookies. Its best to do it with friends so that the whole thing becomes a fun outing.
  18. rwooda

    do computers make good sources?

    Quote: Originally posted by kelesh So, if the RME did not satisfy my simple gaming/movie needs, the recommended way of handling it seems like splitting the signal that comes out of each card, and outputting this signal to both headphones and speakers via more splitters? (my headphone amp...
  19. rwooda

    MP3Gain.. what level?

    Quote: Originally posted by br0adband I've done entire hard drives full of MP3 files done with EAC + LAME 3.90 to the same level, 89db - never had any issues. And it's fantastic not having to reach for the damned volume control with every song or album change. I have done this...
  20. rwooda

    Slap Me Please!

    Quote: Originally posted by Music Fanatic I'm sorry, what's the moral of this story? Sorry for the double post -- I was too quick with the tab key and editing posts seems to be broken -- Anyway, the moral might be: that one with no ethics takes the wrong path (or bus) (or...
  21. rwooda

    Slap Me Please!

    Quote: Originally posted by Music Fanatic I'm sorry, what's the moral of this story? The moral might be: that if he were smarter he might have been able to rip somebody off.
  22. rwooda

    Revo or Audiophile?

    Quote: Originally posted by pkasting will be "better" than the audiophile USB because it's comparable in terms of sound but noticeably cheaper. Isn't it sacrilege on this site to qualify the term "better" with price/performance? Shame on you!
  23. rwooda

    Revo or Audiophile?

    Quote: Originally posted by Jigglybootch One question, though. I've seen the firewire version Audiophile in recent days, and I was wondering if there's any real difference between them other than the interface that they use to connect to the PC. If you do choose to go with the...
  24. rwooda

    Who wants a cassette deck in their PC?

    I don't know which is funnier: the product itself or the fact that for $234 you get a "free passport between analog and digital sound". There are about 3 times I can remember when I wanted to copy a tape to my computer. I just dragged a tape deck (I have one of the cheaper Naks) over to the...
  25. rwooda

    What exactly is Dolby Headphone?

    Quote: Originally posted by JeffL I'm sorry, but it defeats the purpose. You buy headphones to provide maximum clarity...with stereo music. I appreciate your point of view, but take exception to your statement. No flame intended, but YOU buy headphones to provide maximum clarity...