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  1. DrNope

    Recommend headphone for iphone 7.

    Sorry for another what-to-buy but I'm not really that active in hifi anymore, and time is very limited with family and work these days to allow for hours of search and reading up to get a few candidates worth auditioning. Need help, with other words.   So, I just upgraded from an iphone6 to a...
  2. DrNope

    Burson D160, distortion with high signal level USB

    When using USB input of the burson D160 it is severly distoring on higher signal levels if pausing music and then starting again. This can be fixed by changing input of the DAC with music playing thus to me this seems to be a case of missaligned clock somehow wich introduces loads of distortion...
  3. DrNope

    Audeze LCD2, rev1 vs Senn HD650 question.

    I recently bought the senn HD650 as a phone to sit comfortably with until I can get my hands on a nice set of LCD3. However, I just found a LCD2 rev 1 for a reasonable price.   Some prefere one some the other and I can't say I got a clear picture of what the differences are. What I would...
  4. DrNope

    Funny behaviour of Burson HA160?

    Using my Grado sr80 with the headamp in the high output I cant use more then first notch, otherwise its too loud. Theres also à clear supply-hum. In the low output its fine. Figured it was à gain high/low. But then I used s set of sennheiser HD580, and with those there was hardly and difference...
  5. DrNope

    Which iPhone digital out dock.

    Just bought à set of burson Dac and headphone amp as separates. Anyone with some suggestions of à dock to get à quality digital output from My iPhone?
  6. DrNope

    Long sessions with Audeze's?

    Since I plan to use my headphones all day at work, almost 8hours with only 1hour pause for food, I got a bit curious if anyone uses their Audezes LCD2 or 3 for such a long time and if you can cope with it without getting tired? My grado SR80s  are off my head after 1-2hours and then my ears...
  7. DrNope

    Audeze LCD2, Grado GS1000, Senn 800 AKG702.

    Spent 40 mins last friday listening to Audeze, Sennheiser and AKG702. Time really flew and I don't think 40minutes was nearly enough but so far the Audeze seems like a winner to me. AKG sounded so lacking low frequency responce, the senns was very comfortable but less bottom and s-sounds a bit...
  8. DrNope

    Need advice on new headphones, replace grado SR80?

    At the moment I have a pair of Grado SR80, but I think they are a bit too much on the high frequencies, I get tired after a while, perticularly if listening to records recorded at high level it seems. On my home system those are not that bad despite concrete walls with nothing on them. So...
  9. DrNope

    Is it the Grado SR80 or old tubes?

    I'm using a set of Grado SR80 at work with a Little Dot II++ and a Denon 755 cd. Since I'm using it about 5hours a day I've started to notice that a lot of CDs, if not all, has a very high trebble which is killing my ears. I thought this was down to CDs being mastered with high average...
  10. DrNope

    Oldish MF A3.24 DAC still good?

    Was just looking at used equipment and saw someone selling a MF A3.24 DAC at $300. Are those still worth having for that kind of money or are there much better DACs out there today at the same price? It would fit snuggly in my system though Since I'm using Musical fidelity A3 CD, radio, preamp...