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  1. Heyyoudvd

    Former Sennheiser engineer Axel Grell made a $200 pair of ANC true wireless earbuds - the TWS/1

    Axel Grell may be the most legendary name in the entire headphone world, given that he’s the man behind Sennheiser’s biggest hits, including the 580/600/650, the 800, and even the Orpheus. After leaving the company and founding Grell Audio in 2019, it was said that he was working on some...
  2. Heyyoudvd

    How to receive a wireless signal with wired headphones?

    When listening to music, I have a Topping L30 hooked up to my PC sound card. But when I want to watch TV with headphones, I can’t use most of my headphone collection because I use an Apple TV 4K box, where the only output is Bluetooth. What’s the best way to connect my headphones (6XX, Hemp...
  3. Heyyoudvd

    When people talk about tuning vs technicals, what exactly does tuning mean?

    This is something I’ve wondered about for a while. I see people talk about tuning in general terms regarding how a headphone sounds, but what exactly does it mean? Is tuning essentially just calibration? Is it just how the driver is calibrated and how that affects the frequency response? And...
  4. Heyyoudvd

    Sennheiser says it’s open to selling its consumer audio business

    Sennheiser says it’s open to selling its consumer audio business I’m not sure if this is the right forum. Should I have posted this in the For Sale board instead? FS: one Sennheiser consumer audio business. Slightly used. Includes packaging and accessories. Free shipping. Anyone here looking...
  5. Heyyoudvd

    Is there a functional difference between high impedance + high sensitivity vs low impedance + low sensitivity?

    If I understand this correctly, the higher the impedance, the harder a headphone is to drive, and the lower the sensitivity, the harder the headphone is to get loud enough at a certain voltage, essentially making it harder to drive. The thing is that the two metrics aren’t really correlated, so...
  6. Heyyoudvd

    Hello, I’m brand new to headphone amps. I have a few basic questions.

    I just received my first headphone amp (Topping L30) and I realized there are some very basic usability questions that I’m not familiar with. For example: 1. When listening to music on my PC, there are three separate volume controls - the PC itself (aka. my Xonar sound card), the iTunes volume...
  7. Heyyoudvd

    How do I connect my sound card to a headphone amp?

    I recently ordered my first headphone amp because I bought my first pair of headphones that could really benefit from an amp (HD6XX + Topping L30), and rather than spend more on an external DAC, I figured I’d use my PC as the DAC, as I‘ve already got a pretty good sound card (Xonar DX). I’m not...
  8. Heyyoudvd

    Best upgrade from KSC75s in the sub-$150 price range?

    Hi, I haven't posted here in a long time, but I've been stricken with a case of upgradeitis, so I thought I'd ask for advice. I'm looking for a new pair of everyday headphones to use on the bus/subway. Here are a few details:     1. My current portable setup consists of the Koss KSC75 (which...
  9. Heyyoudvd

    New Radiohead album in 5 days!!!

    It's called The King Of Limbs and it will be released this Saturday.   You can buy a 320kbps MP3 for $9, WAV for $14, or for the big fans, there's a nice $48/$53 package including vinyls, art, and so on (including the digital copy, of course).    ...
  10. Heyyoudvd

    Modern composer recommendations?

    What are some of the most famous pieces by some of the best modern day composers? I've been looking to check some of these composers out but before I delve into their catalogs (that would too much material), I'd like to start with their most famous/best pieces.   Can you give me some...
  11. Heyyoudvd

    Best budget sound card?

    What's a the best sound card I can get in the sub $100 range (preferably closer to $50) I built a new computer a few weeks ago and until now I've been using the Realtek onboard audio and as I'm sure you'll agree, that doesn't cut it. My last PC had an Audigy 2 and that was okay (at least...
  12. Heyyoudvd

    Question about newer iPods

    I have an old 4G iPod (the monochrome one, not even a Photo) and I'd appreciate some clarification regarding how the Videos and Classics work. On my 4G, the screen itself is monochromatic so it doesn't use much battery (unless you turn on the backlight), meaning that the screen is kept on...
  13. Heyyoudvd

    Is anyone familiar with Pilate?

    I was just recently introduced to this band and after having only heard a few songs, I liked them so much that I immediately ordered both their albums online. Does anyone have Caught By The Window and/or Self Control For Life's Speed? How are the two albums?
  14. Heyyoudvd

    KSC 75 packaging?

    I just bought a couple pairs of KSC's to give as gifts but I noticed that the packaging is different from what my pair came in last year. I don't have a digicam to take pictures but the current package has a flat cardboard backing with a plastic front (it's the kind of package you'd find for...
  15. Heyyoudvd

    Talking Head remasters?

    Has anyone heard the Talking Heads DualDisc Remasters? I can't decide if they're worth grabbing over the regular versions seeing as how they're $22.99 CDN a pop versus only $10.99 CDN. That's a pretty hefty price difference for an album, especially when I plan on picking up 3-4 of them...
  16. Heyyoudvd

    Is static electricity harmful?

    Lately my apartment has been really dry and I've heard static pops through my headphones as a result. Here in my computer room (wooden floor) it's not too bad but when I'm sitting in my living room (carpeted), the static sometimes gets to the point where I can physically feel electric shocks...
  17. Heyyoudvd

    Non-audiophile's impressions of the A900

    Six days ago I finally received my Audio Technica ATH-A900's from AudioCubes and thus far have probably spent around 30ish hours listening to them plus about 10 of straight burn-in beforehand. First a disclaimer: I'm no audiophile but to me the sound quality is excellent. The only other good...
  18. Heyyoudvd

    Don't Grados come with a Lifetime Warranty?

    A few weeks ago I brought my SR-60's back to where I purchased them (Bay Bloor Radio) to have them sent in for repairs because the right earphone kept cutting out if I would move my head at all. Anyways, I just received a phone call from BBR telling me that they arrived and that I'd have to...
  19. Heyyoudvd

    Funny question to ponder: Triports vs KSC75 ?

    Just for fun, which heaphone would you say is better in absolute terms? If you could pick up a pair of Triports for $13.99, would they be a better buy over the Koss? Or if the KSC's had an MSRP of $149, would they be more or less of a ripoff than the Bose cans?
  20. Heyyoudvd

    A700 vs AD700 vs A900?

    Which of the following would you recommend? A700: $127 @ ElectronJon's AD700: $110 @ ElectronJon's A900: $189 @ AudioCubes I'm about to order, but which one do I want (or do I want one of the 500 models)? I hear great things about AT's (everything from sound to comfort, to construction...
  21. Heyyoudvd

    Headphone listening in Toronto?

    For some time now I had been planning on going to Bay Bloor Radio to test out some headphones before taking the plunge and ordering a pair of HD-555's online. Just my luck, BBR is closed on Sundays and I'm busy the rest of the week so I won't be able to make it there quite some time. Is...
  22. Heyyoudvd

    Can you recognize these? (large jpg)

    This is the famous wall at Toronto's Bay Bloor Radio. Everything's tiny but can you recognize any of the headphones?
  23. Heyyoudvd

    Surviving the elements?

    I listen to my iPod + KSC 75's all the time on the bus, walking around my campus in between classes etc... but seeing as how it's mid October, the rough Canadian winter is fast approaching. Is it okay to still listen to the headphones in cold temperatures and snow or do I have to bite the...
  24. Heyyoudvd

    Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel

    I picked it up today and as much as I'm enjoying the album, I'm really having a problem with it. Is anyone else noticing a real problem with the sound quality? The production values all seem excellent (the effects, the mixing, the panning etc...) but something seems wrong with the sound...
  25. Heyyoudvd

    KSC 75's available in Canada?

    I own a pair of PortaPro's and SR-60's however for a long time now I've been using my stock iPod buds for portable use because the other two just aren't any good for that. Honestly, the iBuds aren't nearly as bad as many make them out to be but I'd still like better sound quality. The Grado's...