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  1. LateNightDJ

    This might not belong here.... COD

    I have never shipped anything C.O.D. before. I know nothing of it and I am curious as to how safe it is between the sender and the receiver. What are they inherent risks and benefits? Any and all help would be appreciated.
  2. LateNightDJ

    Whats the cheapest mp3 with the largest size?

    I say buck up and get ther 40 gig Sony Pocket Viao. 200 bucks and you shouldn't need to worry about storage for a long time.
  3. LateNightDJ

    Hopefully a good set up for the price....

    So I am an avid ebayer. Some friends may say that I even have an addiction or problem but whatever. Same goes for Amazon but anyways, I digress. I bought a pair of Shure E5's and the Sony Vaio Pocket VGF-AP1 for under 500 bucks which is also including my shipping. Now I am not one of...
  4. LateNightDJ

    Scotty I need more POWER! Errrm, or storage. (60GB daps)

    You can actually get Windows based software for the iPod that will let you drag and drop. I never order off of iTunes so this program was perfect for me. Incredibly functional, easy to use and you can drag and drop like normal between two windows. The software is Anapod from...
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