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    I would say the price range sounds reasonable (no pun intended). If it sounds good to you, that's all that really matters, really. But if you really want to know, then maybe post a few pics.
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    Moving from SE530 to my first full size cans - What can I expect?

    I would say that soundstage, and extension will be affected most. Dynamic cans will be able to provide much more bass than most IEMs ever could. Also, comfort will most likely improve, and everything will just sound a lot more natural in general. I think the OP said he's not really looking...
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    325i and GS 1000 Big cups

    I've read some bad things about GS-1000 pads on non-GS1000 cans though. It is believed that the pads were specifically designed for the sound signature of the GS1000 drivers (in terms of bass and soundstage, etc.) So YMMV.
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    1 IEM + 2 Open headphone + 1 Closed (OR) 1 Amazing headphone

    One Can to rule them least till the upgraditis bug bites...
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    How do you warm up your tube amp for a listening session?

    The light on the Melos normally changes color a while after switching on. I'd take that as a good indicator.
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    Craig's List TT find - how'd I do?

    How much is this turn table worth nowadays? quite curious about vinyl.
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    Does it make sense to get good quality headphones when using 128kb/s MP3's?

    Quote: Originally Posted by myinitialsaredac Alrighty, first off, welcome to head-fi, sorry bout the wallet. I would recommend you get higher end headphones than you have (whether or not that be the two you are mentioning) whilst going ahead and converting your 128s to 320s or ALACs...
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    Shure SE530 - Everything I need to Know

    I believe the post said it sounds better and is more comfortable as well, just doesn't block out sound as well as the black foams (by just a small margin).
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    Question about the Shure SE310 headphones...

    Shure IEMs can go in straight too, don't need to wrap around the ears, just that sometimes it might get in your way, so I personally prefer wrapping it. As for whether or not it's worth it? Well, if you'll be amping it properly or if you have a good player, I'd say get the SE420s. BTW, you...
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    Sony or Creative?

    Agreed, I'd say get the sony, I sold my Zen and never really missed it.
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    Vintage RS-1's: What does the word vintage mean to you?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth Agreed, spectacular link. No problem. So according to that link, mine fall under the "vintage" but not "super vintage" category. And probably fits in between V2 and V3 here. Just curious how these compare to the wooden box, brown leather headband...
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    I might cry. Finding headphones is too hard.

    It would seem that Beyers might be what you'd want to look at. Audio-Technica's ES7s should also be a nice choice.
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    Shure scl4 vs Sennheiser PX100

    Well, it's really hard to compare cans and IEMs, it's like comparing apples and oranges. I'd say SCL4's will give you more detail, but PX100 might still be more to my liking. Although, in terms of isolation, there's no competition at all.
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    Rockboxing your iPod just to support your flac library ? Why not convert flac to ALAC or WAV ?

    one of the biggest benefits to FLAC is the fact that you don't need to re-rip your collections and that you can always get the original WAV file back (although I don't see why). At this stage, I don't think WMA offers that, at least not that i'm aware of.
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    best amp for Cowon D2+SE 530

    I second that, the D2 has a very good amp already and doesn't have a line-out.
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    Grado - the way to go?

    I'd say +1 for either SR80 or SR225. SR80 is probably still better in terms of performance/price, in case you're budget-minded. Other benefits to the SR80 is the fact that it comes with 1/8 inch plugs which'll be fine with your ipod. However, since you also mentioned you might take this on the...
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    4 drivers in iems

    Yeah, SE530s have more than enough bass.
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    Bose, Sennheiser, Shure, UE, Etymotic?

    the super fi 5 EB should be good. For around $150 you can get a hold of an SE310 or a E4 (now rebranded as SCL4) here, that should also be a good option. Etymotic Research tend to not have as much bass, so it may not suit you.
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    need help with portable music player

    No one recommended an X5 yet? Correct me if I'm mistaken, but it seems like THE ideal choice for all the things that you're asking for.
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    New Cowon D2 problems

    yeah, full jetaudio is included on the CD with the player.
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    Can a quality CDP be obtained in the $300 price range?

    I'm also considering a good CDP: choices that I'm looking at right now are Marantz CD 5001, NAD C521, C542 and a Rega Planet or maybe a cheap Sony like the SCD-CE595 and save up for something later. what do you guys inthink I should do in this case?
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    What can I do for my Zen Vision M?

    doesn't Creative (Cambridge Soundworks) have that Playdock Zen?
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    Looking for established reviewer with Grado's

    Strangedaze, maybe you can try to fire Zanth a PM?
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    In pursuit of the best sounding MP3 player

    Yes the D2 does recognize the tags of the files on the SD card. SD integration is just great with the D2. iMod really isn't an option since it requires an amp.
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    Bose can make you really, it can

    maybe...just maybe...noise-cancelling phones cancel out sounds that your brain normally expects to hear, and confuses your brain?