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  1. PFKMan23

    Happy Birthday sacd lover!!

    Have a good one, you power freak
  2. PFKMan23

    What wood to use for the Deep Depth Woodies?

    As the title suggests I'm looking for opnions on what wood to get if i decide to go for deep depth Sennheiser woodies. I currently own standard depth Paduak woodies but as of late I find myself wanting something different and deeper. In short, what I'm askng is, if you were me, what wood...
  3. PFKMan23

    Blackgate coupling capacitors, Yay or Nay?

    Hey guys, as the title suggestions, what are your feelings on Blackgate capacitors? I'm in the midst of configuring a Singlepower MPX3 and one of the last options I can't figure out of I want or not are the Blackgate coupling capacitors. I've basically nailed down most of my other options (Solen...
  4. PFKMan23

    Trouble deciding on whether to retain my order

    Yesterday, I decided on taking the plunge on some Woody HD650s. However upon further investigation, the seller has discovered that the shipping would be around $100 USD insted of the $30 as quoted previous. Now I have already sent payment as per the orginal agreement, but I would like some...