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  1. ziplock

    Bargain Find: Pioneer Elite PD-M59

    Made the rounds at the usual thrift shops, this low-mid-fi cdp caught my eye with a price tag of $9. Turned out the pickup lens had popped off (common with Pioneers). Glued it back on, made a few adjustments, and had her singing in under an hour. This unit uses a six disc magazine style...
  2. ziplock

    Recapping Tek 465M Scope

    Greetings my fellow techies. Some of you may be familiar with this old workhorse. I picked up this broken scope for next to nothing many months ago. Only now have I had the time to look at it on the bench. It was not drawing a vertical trace and the sweep was noisy. Starting with the power...
  3. ziplock

    well crap!

  4. ziplock

    (OT) Anyone ever repair a Plasma TV?

    I was given a broken 46" Plasma TV by a coworker. I have isolated the problem to the "X-Scan" or "X-Sustainer" board. Some of the MOSFETS have blown, destroying part of the driver circuit. I believe I have located all of the failed components, but would like advice on other areas to check...
  5. ziplock

    Ear cleaning: Regular Dr or Audiologist?

    Who will do the safest, most thorough cleaning? It's time to get my ears squeaky clean. I have wax packed in that is causing mild Tinnitus and it's very annoying! I did a few searches and did not come up with useful results. Thanks! ~Z
  6. ziplock

    Bought a Pioneer PD91 for $15

    So, I was doing my routine Friday thrift-store shopping and this sucker stuck out like a sore thumb. It had a "broken you fix it" sticker on it along with the $15 price tag. The unit powers up fine and the drawer opens, but it will not spin the disk, nor do I hear any other servos operating. I...
  7. ziplock

    compatiable tips for UE 3

    Just picked up a pair of these the other day. Sound is great, comfort is not so great. Could someone recommend compatible tips that will improve the level of comfort? What is the best? Thanks! Zip
  8. ziplock

    Yamaha Control Amplifier C-80: Sick! (pics)

    Originally posted in the amps section and now moving here... As stated previously, I found this rather nice pre-amp and it sounds great through the headphone jack. I thought all was well until I opened it up... Abuse!! These...
  9. ziplock

    Yamaha Control Amplifier C-80

    Does anyone know anything about this unit? I am trying to locate a manual or detailed specs. I found it next to a dumpster today while I was out. It's probably seen better days, but the headphone out sounds amazing! I think my other amps are going to take a back seat for a while. I'm spoiled...
  10. ziplock

    Lineout Pigtail for Sansa E200 series?

    Does anyone know if something like this exists? If not, where can I get the connector for a DIY solution. It appears the iPod and Sansa share a very similar connector with some of the same pinouts. A little research was done on anythingbutipod and there is an audio signal present on the Sansa...
  11. ziplock

    Creative Xmod + Sony MDR-V6

    I find myself listening to this combination more and more. There is something to it that just sounds good, at least to my ears anyway. I think there may be some kind of synergy present if you believe that sort of thing. My current listening setup is ASIO4ALL-->Foobar2000-->Xmod (headphone...
  12. ziplock

    Defective MDR-V6 Cable?

    Has anyone had issues with this cable deteriorating? The problem area lies in the straight run between the top of the coil and the driver housing. The cable gradually expands over time as if there were air inside. The consistency of the material resembles that of a rubber band. I can slice...