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  2. iRo-Fi

    Nuforce Primo 8 - an Audiophile Phase Coherent Quad Balanced Armature Driver IEM - Impressions

    Sounds like something i'd enjoy. How's the comfort, Tom? Not sure if you're allowed to take photos, any size comparisons with something you have at hand? How's the cable, your impressions on it's comfort/MMCX socket/durability? Also, any thoughts about how Primo 8 compares to new...
  3. iRo-Fi

    Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

    If anyone interested, my Heaven V are up for sale here. Need more funds for Alpha Dog pre-order.
  4. iRo-Fi

    [Pictorial] Mook Headphone Festival @ Singapore

    Also interested in Elekit TU-HP01, looking forward to upcoming review. Thanks ClieOS and others for the report/impressions and all those photos. Good stuff!
  5. iRo-Fi

    **MrSpeakers Mad Dog: Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    Good job on the caps, Dam! Wonder if there's gonna be paint options in future. Anyway, looking forward to release date and more impressions.
  6. iRo-Fi

    MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

    Looks really good. Looking forward to more impressions, might even pre-order if i'll sell some of my stuff.
  7. iRo-Fi

    FiiO E12DIY Limited Edition Version---DIY your own sound !

    Yeh, it's quite tempting. Another vote for D with red volume knob.
  8. iRo-Fi

    New Cavalli Audio Portable Amp officially in the works

    Really interested in what you guys have in mind for this one. Here's hoping for digital volume control and smaller footprint.
  9. iRo-Fi

    A Journey with Ultimate Ears Factory Tour

    Interesting read indeed. It's always great to know more about companies and people in this industry. Thanks for the journey purrin, i'm looking forward to next chapters. Would be interesting to read about tomscy's experience too - the more info the better!
  10. iRo-Fi

    15th July 2013 Tokyo's Fujiya Summer Portaken Report

    I just love reading AnakChan's reports from various audio shows! All those pictures, new interesting products, you get to see/read about all those different people from enthusiasts to businesses. Keep up the good work!
  11. iRo-Fi

    Multi-Custom In-Ear Monitor Review, Resource, Mfg List & Discussion (Check first post for review links & information)

    Just in case someone might be interested - i was inquiring about ASG-2 and asked about cables: So apparently they actually done it. Not sure if new cables available for sale separately yet, but you can always ask.
  12. iRo-Fi

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Quote:   I see. I guess i'll still look in all three, add UERM too and try to read a bit more. Best thing would be to fly over to next big audio show, try the demos and decide on the spot. Might even get discount this way. Thanks Joker.
  13. iRo-Fi

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Joker, what would be all-around upgrade from Meelec A151? A bit more bass and better soundstage would be good, but i don't really want to give anything in exchange. Several suggestions would be nice, no particular budget in mind.
  14. iRo-Fi

    The Nameless Guide To PC Gaming Audio (with binaural headphone surround sound)

    So that's far right port on that Titanium HD picture? Still confused by what RCA cable i need - single RCA Plug/Plug M/M cable or something like single RCA Plug M to 2 RCA Plug/Plug M/M cable? If that's the latter i couldn't find anything like that on Monoprice.
  15. iRo-Fi

    The Nameless Guide To PC Gaming Audio (with binaural headphone surround sound)

    Any tips on how would one connect amp to soundcard? For example, M-Stage to Titanium HD. What ports and what kind of RCA cable should i use?  
  16. iRo-Fi

    The Wizard Appreciation Thread - Long Live the Wizard - The former HA Appreciation Thread

    Quote:   I'm pretty sure you have plenty of interesting and yet to be revealed things, Wizard.   Soon™. Sigh...