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  1. xiaoipower

    Turntable advice

    Hi guys,   I've recently developed an urge to get a vinyl setup - there just seems to be something quite special about listening to a LP compared to your standard mp3 PC setup. However, I know next to nothing about such setups as I have never had any sort of hifi system myself - old man has...
  2. xiaoipower

    JH13Pro Advice - Audiologists in London?

    Hi all, I don't know how many of you are thinking about taking up the JHAudio black Wednesday offer - but I was hoping to clarify a few points: 1) What shipping costs are involved (apart from me sending them my impressions from the UK? 2) What have UK buyers been stung with in terms of...
  3. xiaoipower

    Anyone know bicycles? (Falcon Majorca?)

    hey guys! Hoping to draw on the vast pool of knowledge that lurks here. But I'm considering buying a second hand bike as my current one could be described as an anagram of the word "hits". Unfortunately I don't have much money nor know-how as to bike brands but was wondering if you any of...
  4. xiaoipower

    TF10 vs IE8 (a mini comparison)

    Having had the IE8s for 2 weeks I thought I'd briefly compare them to my TF10s (owned for a few months): Comfort I sort of understood what people meant when they kept complaining about the comfort of the TF10s. Although I don't have a problem with getting a good fit - I normally have to...
  5. xiaoipower

    Buying in UK

    Hey guys (+gals), So I'm excited now that I have cash to purchase a pair of cheap (ie around £150) Triple.Fi's AND realising that I live in the UK despairing over the prices over here. Was just wondering if anybody has been snooping around lately and found any good deals. I'd prefer to keep...
  6. xiaoipower

    UE warranty in UK

    Hi all, Purchased a pair of 5 pros about a year ago unfortunately the cable has snapped internally near the jack. The company I bought them from only help claim warranties upto 6 months after date of purchase (annoying). Anyway I sent UE 2 emails but have yet to receive a reply. Just...