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  1. sonick

    "Icky Thump" Unofficial Impressions/Thoughts thread

    So, I recently had the chance to 'acquire' the new White Stripes album from a certain pig-and-music related website. Upon hearing it, let me tell ya... it... is... awesome... Its got all the raw energy in Elephant and albums prior, but also some of the more quirky sounds and arrangements from...
  2. sonick

    Is it possible to run two different soundcards in a single computer?

    I have a pre-built Compaq computer (running windows XP) that comes with it's own on-board internal soundcard, with front-output/input jacks along with the rear ones. The problem with it is, as convenient as it may be, the quality is not sufficient for a music class I am taking. I have a...
  3. sonick

    "New" Elliott Smith album - New Moon Heads up, there's a new "official" double-CD coming out of Elliott Smith un-released songs. Also available on 2xLP. Very excited for this release.
  4. sonick

    Newbie iPod owner hardware/software usability questions

    So I finally took delivery of my 60gig refurbished iPod from its my first iPod, and I have a few questions regarding the usability. I previously owned a Creative Zen Micro, and it had several features that seems as though the iPod does not have, but I may just not have found that...
  5. sonick

    Ongoing review: M-Audio Transit/Groovelab

    I'll be updating this thread over the next few days, as I get the chance to use it a bit more (hopefully). Intro I ordered the M-Audio Groovelab set from on Friday. This package includes not only the Transit, but also a headset/mic (they're not very good, but whatever), and a 'lite'...
  6. sonick

    AMAZING: Waveform of "Stadium Arcadium" on CD VS upcoming Vinyl!

    Edit: I also did a little writeup on my blog regarding compression in today's music, mostly for my friends but decided to put it up on Digg: . So if you're a member, please DIGG IT! From Steve Hoffman over at his forums...
  7. sonick

    M-audio transit Line-in quality?

    I am thinking of getting the M-audio Groove-Lab package, which comes with the Transit SoundCard ($53 CDN). Just curious if anybody has tried the line-in quality of the device. If I get it, I might want to do some needle-drops (for things like the upcoming Stadium Arcadium LP) and such...
  8. sonick

    Worthwhile vinyl to pick up vs CD?

    According to the music I listen to: What LPs/Vinyl would you guys recommend worth picking up that would be better than the CD (ie. cut from a different master than the CD), mainly in terms of sound quality, but also (to a lesser degree) things like...
  9. sonick

    oh noes! eggos broke! no sound from right ear

    somethings wrong with the wire going from the left ear to my right ear. when i picked it up yesterday and plugged it in, there was intermittent sound when i wiggled the wire, but now its absolutely dead. does TheSource (ie. radio shack canada) have headphone wire? from what i remember...
  10. sonick

    wow, actually a fairly significant difference amping a zen micro

    i recently picked up a zen micro. i was skeptical about gettin it coz of its lack of a line out, and the fact i had just bought an LD micro. but being 5GB and being $70 cheaper than an 2GB iPod nano, i thought i'd give it a try. anyways, i had listened to it for a bit ampless, but last...
  11. sonick

    hehe, try and find out what headphones THESE are!

    i work at GAP, and last season, in one of the visual posters, they had a pair of headphones. when i saw it, i thought to myself OMG I MUST HAVE IT. so now, i have it (its a LOT bigger than it looked in the store). anyways, they're pretty oldschool, anybody recognize these cans?
  12. sonick

    HEY! Guy wearing AKG 240's at SFU library 7th floor!

    i saw a guy today at school (Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia) at the top floor of the library wearing a pair of what looked like AKG 240's (i noticed a flash of gold). i loudly whispered "holy crap!", ive had 2 grado sightings at school, but first time seeing any other...
  13. sonick

    yet another emotional WOW moment. (happy birthday, Mr. Lennon.)

    today (its still Oct. 9th in the west coast) is John Lennon's birthday. i was listening to the new 2-disc collection of Lennon's songs entitled WORKING CLASS HERO on my Grado SR80s. as i listened, i decided to read wikipedia's entry on John:
  14. sonick


    nothin to see here, thanks borat!
  15. sonick

    For students: your studying music!

    what music do you guys listen to while studying (if you do listen to music)? for me: - Any Sigur Ros - most of the stuff by Dntel - Broken Social Scene - Feel good lost - Pink Floyd occasionally. i usually listen to stuff which has no lyrics or where the lyrics are unclear (or not...
  16. sonick

    High end phones hit the mainstream... magazine review with no BOSE in sight! i think you guys would be happy with their suggestions! with each page i clicked, i was fully expecting to see "Bose"... hehhee and in response to the age old question: "are grados ugly"... that was a mens STYLE website, and they chose the Grado...
  17. sonick

    i hate this place

    about 4 weeks ago i dropped $100 (quite substantial to a university student) to buy a set of Grado SR80s, i said to myself "thats it, no more upgrades, im satisfied with what i have"; since i had my PCDPs, my portable phones (Eggos) and my home phones (SR80), i was done. i thought i was immune...
  18. sonick

    so i was bored today... i had my SR80's, and a red sharpie...

    i guess they don't look TOO horrible... it matches my room... the silver+red gives it a kinda andonized aluminum look to the lettering, though kinda tough to see in the picture.
  19. sonick

    another grado pad alternative/bowl mod: comfier, warmer sound [PICS]

    so just playing with my SR80's today, trying to make them more comfortable. i'd like to try the 414 pads, don't wanna bother doing it online from the states. so i went to radioshack (well, TheSource in canada now) and picked up a set of replacement earpads. these ones here...
  20. sonick

    is there a comprehensive thread for the various grado pads?

    ive been reading about grados and their pads, and im kinda confused. is there a thread that talks about the different pads? so there are: flats, bowls, the yellow 414 sennheisers, anything else? what are the advantages/disadvantages of each? comfort? sound quality?
  21. sonick

    sony eggo D66 foobar equalizer settings

    anybody using the equalizer to try and refine the D66's sound? If so, how do you guys have it set up? thanks
  22. sonick

    For canadians: Koss portable CD player W/ LINE OUT, $9.98 @ A&B Sound

    quoted from another forum: Quote: Sale starts April 28: Koss KS5303 CD Player for only $9.99 at all A&B Sound locations. While quantities last. Specifications / Features • Full Shock Protection (FSP) for Jog Proof Operation •...
  23. sonick

    replacement eggo D66 earpads other than Audiocubes?

    Anybody know where i can find Sony Eggo D66 earpads other than Audiocubes (which has it for $35USD which seems too pricey seeing how i paid $40CAD used for them)? thanks
  24. sonick

    Quick thoughts on my new-old Eggo D66's

    So i bought a pair of used Eggo D66's from AdamWill here, who bought it from nleahcim. So I'm the third owner of this particular pair of cans... Ive had the PortaPros for about 1.5 years, and I just love them... So most comparison will be with the PortaPros. I had a chance to listen to Grado...
  25. sonick

    Any info on a computer-audio-source set up like this? (TV as monitor)

    I want to use an old computer (350MHz), get a good soundcard (how does the chaintech compare to the TB:SC for 2ch analog audio?) in there, and find a cheap video card with TV out and use it as a source (for either CD audio or MP3 over LAN) for a 2ch bedroom system... The thing is, would it be...