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  1. Afrikane

    Free to Good Home, Audio Technica ATH-W5000

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening fellow Head-fiers. I have a pair of ATH-W5000s that have become surplus to my requirements. Perhaps one of you might like to relieve me of the burden of storing them? They have been lightly used since I bought them from Pricejapan in November last year. The right...
  2. Afrikane

    Happy Birthday [AK]Zip

    Happy Birthday Alex. May the day be a special one and may you have many more.
  3. Afrikane

    Portable Gear: Free to a Deserving Home

    I really liked jdimitri’s idea of a giveaway aimed at noobs. It is a really cool thing to able to give someone a start on the road to sonic bliss. My lifestyle does not allow me to do much listening on the go and thus this portable rig does not get much use at all. I have used it perhaps 7 or...
  4. Afrikane

    I have found my sound and to celebrate…….

    In my current rig I have found a system that gets me straight to the music and so outside of a few tweaks and a modest tube inventory I am done. I know many are going to argue the contrary but for the sake of my sanity I am going to assume that the K1000 and R10 are merely different and not...
  5. Afrikane

    Free to good home, 1 pair Grado RS1, apply within!

    I am posting this here because the last time I did this in the FS thread it turned into a discussion, which is against the rules. Also, I think a case can be made that a giveaway in a FS thread can be construed as thread crapping to those who are legitimately selling headphones there and...