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  1. DanG

    Looking for a laptop (again)

    I think I posted a thread a few months back about buying a laptop. Well, I stuck it out with this old Dell Inspiron 9300 but now I'm coming back to the States for Thanksgiving and would like to take a new Centrino 2 computer back to Germany with me. So here's what I'm looking for:I want to...
  2. DanG

    Fringe benefits

    So I graduated from college last year (spring '07) and the first job I had was as a contractor, getting paid for every hour I worked. Only thing I missed out on was the crappy "fringe benefits" that permanent employees get. You know, the Christmas party, the paid holidays, etc. Now I've moved...
  3. DanG

    Advice on 20"-22" LCD?

    I'm looking to buy my dad a BBW (big, beautiful widescreen... har har) LCD monitor for Fathers' Day. He works from home four days a week and is still using an old CRT. His eyesight isn't great already, but staring at a CRT that much can't make it any better... and he loves gadgets (don't we...
  4. DanG

    Looking for a new quiet laptop

    My almost-3-year-old Dell Inspiron 9300 is getting a bit old and I want to buy something newer and snazzier. I'm particularly tired of how loud it is and its loud noises have me hearing "send me to a PC retirement home!" I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions? Here's what I'm...
  5. DanG

    Thunderbird help -- it keeps crashing!

    I'm wondering if anybody here can help me with a problem I have with Mozilla Thunderbird. I just installed it last night (v1.5.0.9) and it appears to crash immediately after downloading any message from my college's email server. I connect through IMAP and security is SSL, if that makes a...
  6. DanG

    Help getting cheap flight to Germany?

    My beloved girlfriend lives in Bavaria and, after having spent almost six months of wonderful time together here in Massachusetts, we decided to continue the relationship across the Atlantic. It actually wasn't a hard choice for either of us. What will be hard, however, is paying for the...
  7. DanG

    US Army Enlisted vs. Commissioned, revisited

    I know I haven't been around much and I suppose many probably don't even remember who I am. But I've been busy with actually trying to get good grades here in college, with my new band, and a girlfriend, so both time and money are unfortunately lacking for hi-fi gear. I've decided almost 100%...
  8. DanG

    Enlistment vs. Commission and Marines vs. Army for Combat Arms MOSs

    I've mentioned before that I was pursuing a commission in the Marine Corps via the Platoon Leader Course for candidates still in college. I would have spent 10 weeks next summer at Quantico doing OCS and then received my commission after graduation and been sent (hopefully directly) to The Basic...
  9. DanG

    Soundproofing problem... please help!

    My friends have a band in Boston and to avoid practice room costs rented a house together in Allston. They built a little stage in the basement, put up some carpets on the walls, set up their gear, and started playing there. It's a residential neighborhood with the distance between houses the...
  10. DanG

    Jarhead (Spoiler alert)

    An important note: political discussion and comments will not be tolerated here. If and when I see them I will delete and send warnings. Just saw this movie tonight with but a freshman for company. Most realistic war movie I've seen, probably ever. Though I haven't served in the Marine Corps...
  11. DanG

    Gainesville, FL concert fest

    I don't know how many of you are into the punk scene -- be assured that all my ancient reviews of headphones and equipment are based on classical and jazz. But I love listening to and playing punk music. THE FEST is a punk/indie festival taking place over three days from November 18th through...
  12. DanG

    Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal Dies at 96

    This man was one of my greatest heroes. Having survived five Nazi death camps and lost 89 relatives in the Holocaust, he went on to help capture and bring to justice about 1,100 Nazi war criminals including Eichmann, the head of the Gestapo's Department for Jewish Affairs from 1941-1945, in...
  13. DanG

    Fitness/Weight-lifting question

    As some of you might have read in another thread, I'm applying for the Marines' officer course for next summer. I need to get in good-enough shape to score a 225 or higher on the physical fitness test (PFT) which means I need to be able to do more pullups than I can right now. I just started the...
  14. DanG

    Have a happy new year and an easy fast

    I'd like to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Jewish new year and hope that everyone fasting for Yom Kippur will have an easy fast. May your new year be filled with many successes, much happiness, and good music!
  15. DanG

    MAJOR audio/video computer problem -- please help!

    For some reason, all the audio and video on the computer I'm using here in Israel (my cousin's computer) is sped up. That means it's also at a higher pitch which is also annoying. I'm trying to watch the regular season opener of my boys the Sox and it's pissing me off. My cousin is running...
  16. DanG

    Happy birthday, JMT!

    My time zone is a little ahead of those of most other Head-Fiers, so let me be the first to say... Happy birthday you amp-building wizard! I know I wasn't the first nor the last to benefit greatly from your presence on these boards as a moderator, a member, and as a nice and knowledgeable...
  17. DanG

    Where to buy compact flash and batteries for my Canon S45?

    I got a Canon S45 digital camera before I left for Israel which came with a little 32MB compact flash card and a single battery. I need to get a backup battery or two, a 256+MB CF card and hopefully a nice CF/CF2/Microdrive reader but I'm having difficulty finding a (relatively) cheap and...
  18. DanG

    Boston Head-Fi Meet Sunday, Dec. 21st, 2003

    There seemed to be very little interest in the last Boston meet thread I posted. If people just didn't get around to posting or didn't know their plans yet, please post if you're interested in such a meet on December 21st, 2003. If there are still very few people interested, I could host a...
  19. DanG

    Eric Clapton - Live on Tour 2001 - "One more car, one more rider"

    A coworker just lent me this 2 CD, 1 DVD set yesterday afternoon and I've been listening to it all day at work today. It's really great. Great performances of older and newer Clapton music (and music from bands he's been in) with very decent sound quality. I haven't watched the DVD yet of the...
  20. DanG

    Boston meet: when in December?

    I guess this is the new new Boston meet thread. Please indicate all dates on which you could attend a meet in the Boston area and please post a reply to the thread as well. We still need a host though Jacobh has expressed tentative interest, so post if you could do this as well. If necessary...
  21. DanG

    WE WON!!!!!

    A friendly message from BOSTON, home of the 2003 baseball world champions.
  22. DanG

    Happy birthday, Apheared!

    ...wherever you are.
  23. DanG

    Happy Birthday, tanfenton!

    Happy birthday! I hope you get some nice headphones for your birthday so you realize that they are indeed better than speakers.
  24. DanG

    Happy Birthday, Ian!

    Looks like I'm almost exactly six months older than you. If you had come down to the rugby tournament here last weekend with the RPI team I would have said happy birthday in person and then chugged in your face, but you didn't, so I'll have to do it here. Happy birthday! (I chug in your face)
  25. DanG

    Happy Birthday, Son! I mean...

    Happy birthday, Sun! Now that you're 19 you can go to the parties at Avalon, Axis, Middle East, and the rest of those crappy Boston joints. You should be proud! Seriously though, have a good one and don't drink while flying a military helicopter.