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  1. Beach123456

    E2C or 3?

    Im stuck deciding between these two. I mostly listen to metal, and am going to be using them unamped out of an iPod. Also, would it be worth the price difference to get the E3C instead?
  2. Beach123456

    Great Site For Those Tracking a Xbox 360

    Check it out: It updates itself on the in stock status of a ton of online stores selling the 360 every 5 minutes and you can type in your zip code and check out how many 360's the nearest bestbuys are going to get in for the next shipment. Very useful.
  3. Beach123456

    Sony rootkit halted Sony has temporarily stopped making Cds with the rootkit software on them.
  4. Beach123456

    KSC35 Problem

    I just noticed the other day that when the plug at the end of the phones is in a certain position, I lose all sound from the right 'phone. It also happens the plug is being pushed on while it is in the jack. Is this something I can fix, or do I need to send it in to get fixed? I also heard about...
  5. Beach123456

    How Do You Like Your Bass?

    I like mine deep and controlled, not overpowering the music, but it needs to have a presence in the music. How do you like your bass?
  6. Beach123456


    I have the KSC-35s and will be getting a 4g 20gig iPod in 1-2 weeks. I have heard about the iPod having a lack of bass, but I have never listened to one. I was hoping that the KSC-35s would have enough bass to balance out the lack of iPod bass, can anyone comment on the amount of bass I would...
  7. Beach123456


    Anyone know anything about this stuff, like if it lowers SQ or anything? Im looking into using it since when i first tried the CD cleaner i bought it only added scratches i normally keep my cds clean, but i tripped and the CD came out of the player...
  8. Beach123456

    SR60 alternitive?

    I have been looking resently into getting the SR60s, but i am starting to worry because of the comfort and that i have a big head. Are there any alternitives with the grado sound under $100? I listen to rock music.
  9. Beach123456

    New Carbon Announcements

    A new version of the rio carbon, a white one and a black one with 2.5 gigs of space, have been recently announced. Sorry if this has been posted already. White Carbon 2.5 gig carbon
  10. Beach123456

    Portable Amp for my rig

    I am going to be getting a iPod with a Sik Din and Grados, and i already have a pair of KSC 35s. I am looking for a portable amp to save my money for to buy in the future, but i know nothing about amps. I am looking to spend under $200, around $150 if possible. Any suggestions?
  11. Beach123456

    The Planned Rig

    After being here at head-fi for about a month, i think i have an idea of what i plan my rig to be like. Portable: 20gig 4th.gen iPod-Sik Din-Headroom Airhead-Koss KSC 75 Home:Same but with either Grado SR 60s or SR 225s, depending on how much money i can get Any suggestions,comments?
  12. Beach123456

    Etys weak?

    Is it just me, or do the ety ER6s look really weak, like you could crush them between your fingers? It may be just me, but i think they look really weak.
  13. Beach123456

    best portable headphone?

    Right now im looking for a new portable headphone because my right earbud is starting to get quiet. Ive narrowed it down to KSC 35, KSC 75, and PX 100. Any suggestions on which is the best one? Any others to look at?
  14. Beach123456

    Things You Hate Most About Your Current Headphones?

    There seem to be complaints with all the headphones out there, no matter how good they are, so i made a thread for them. Since I am new the headphones i am using now suck, cheap sony earbuds paired with a nomad muvo mp3 player, but i am going to upgrade both of these soon. It really annoys me...
  15. Beach123456

    poll:Best portable music player type?

    On terms of sound, which type of music player is best, MP3/CD, MD, or HD mp3 player?
  16. Beach123456

    Some iTunes questions

    Is there any way to change the quality or format of the music downloaded on iTunes? If you can, how?
  17. Beach123456

    CD copies?

    When you copy a CD with a CD burner, does the CD lose any of its original quality?
  18. Beach123456

    Best Earbuds/Clipons?

    Whats the best pair of earbuds or clipons i can get for a budget of $150?
  19. Beach123456

    sony streetstyle

    You know, the ones that go behind the back of your head. Any idea what these sound like?
  20. Beach123456

    portable headphones

    Im looking for a nice pair of portable headphones that arent canalphones, and are under $150. Any suggestions?
  21. Beach123456

    Balanced Headphones

    Ive heard alot about grados being good for rock and senns being laid back. Is there any well balanced headphone for under $200?
  22. Beach123456

    Rock headphones

    Best open Headphones for rock music out of an iPod? no canalphones.
  23. Beach123456

    Headphone suggestions

    I posted something like this earlier, and i got a lot of people saying get canalphones for your ipod instead of HD555s with amp. I cant get the canalphones because i am only 13 and my parents get mad when i cant hear them because of headphones. Anybody recommend any open headphones for ipod? i...
  24. Beach123456

    MP3 Player

    I am looking for a new MP3 player that has good sound quality. I am undecided between the iRiver H100 series, the rio karma, the rio carbon, the 4g 20gb ipod, the creative zen touch, the iaudio m3, or the dell dj. Maybe the creative jukebox 3. Any suggestions?