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  1. Alcia

    Questions about Inception

    Quote: Yes, but it is quite natural for humans to look for meaning, even where there is none.
  2. Alcia

    The FiiO X3 Thread UPDATE: Project Back On! Read the First Post for Information.

    This DAP really looks interesting thus far. Can't wait to see more, besides the E5 (which is fine for what it is, just not my cup of tea) I've not been disappointed by a FiiO product yet. And gapless is a must have for me, so I'm glad it will be included.
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  5. Alcia


    Seriously, I love honest A/Bing of any sort of system of the high end with the so called low end. Really, I'm sure more is actually psychoacoustics than we'd like to admit. (says the person who distinctly head differences with tubes in my dad's speaker system. and when he upgraded to a higher...
  6. Alcia

    FiiO E9 Review

    I happen to agree I'd prefer less lights and would love an option to disable the charging light in the options menu. RCA inputs would be awesome... I'm sure I could probably DIY something up though...
  7. Alcia

    FiiO E9 Review

    The teams thing still? People still declare this?! *panics* Though, still, congrats to FiiO for something so dramatically beyond expectations.   Quote:
  8. Alcia

    Review: Fiio E7

      Quote: I'm pretty sure 2 is a no. Considering the reason we don't get the bass boost with the E9 line it is because it's part of the amp circuit and not the DAC. Thus, any line out would bypass it completely.
  9. Alcia

    YAY! I finished painting my Grados (Purple Talking Dinosaur Style)

    Yeah. Certainly, I just join in to have a little fun. All the power to them if that's what one likes. Go with it! Besides, one could just raise the age old question, what is beauty.
  10. Alcia

    YAY! I finished painting my Grados (Purple Talking Dinosaur Style)

    Head Fi. Where people pay you to make headphones a gaudy green and purple.
  11. Alcia

    Sexiest headphones you own

    Anything Grado is a retro sexy can. Period.   Quote:
  12. Alcia

    YAY! I finished painting my Grados (Purple Talking Dinosaur Style)

      Quote: The purple here looks far closer, what really makes it not look right to the AD700 is the lack of that metallic reflectivity. But the champagne definitely needs to be lighter. Still, good effort, and still is pretty cool.
  13. Alcia

    YAY! I finished painting my Grados (Purple Talking Dinosaur Style)

    Quote: Also, the 8 appears to have been edited into a 3. Tiny detail, but eh.
  14. Alcia

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Wel I've been playing around with a camera so here goes. My unremarkable budget setup.     The table is glass and thus, impossible to keep clean. Hence me not doing a higher angled picture
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    K701, E7/E9 & M10...
  16. Alcia

    YAY! I finished painting my Grados (Purple Talking Dinosaur Style)

    This isn't bad, aesthetically. Though if going for the AD700 look, the purple needs to be a little darker and the gold a little lighter. Just imo.   Quote:
  17. Alcia

    YAY! I finished painting my Grados (Purple Talking Dinosaur Style)

    I've always been partial to the simple old school Grado look. Sadly, their sound isn't my thing. Still, whatever makes the user happy.
  18. Alcia

    My wallet is fine, thank you very much.

    Well congrats to you. You've done something which noone else here has managed. Actual satisfaction. Enjoy it. I'm gonna go back to planning my next step up.
  19. Alcia

    FiiO E9 Review

    Tis what I have been saying, Proglover. Such a tease... and I thought I was the master of that....
  20. Alcia

    Post your desktop!

      Yep. Very gray. Nothing fancy at all.
  21. Alcia

    FiiO E9 Review

    Still curious as to what this is! Will there be an announcement soon? :P Quote: Also, added a couple of nice cables my dad had lying around. No "real" changes. But let's see what psychoacoustics can do, eh?
  22. Alcia

    Why did you choose your username?

    My username came from an RP character I came up with when I was around 10. I still play her today. 
  23. Alcia

    FiiO E9 Review

    This. I had a rather difficult time removing the thing to the point I almost thought it just wasn't there and I was crazy. Then I got a corner and all was pretty and shiny. Quote:
  24. Alcia

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Hmmm. I would have liked to seen the old Head Fi. Alas is my fate in life to always be of the age that I simply miss such things. A pity. I do hope we can have the new generation grow up to be worth being around. I doubt I have much anywhere else to go so, I shall stay and see.
  25. Alcia

    Why did you join headfi?

    I came here looking around for a pair of headphones that would be good for music with some gaming. I got the AD700 and that was that for a time... now.. I'm sliding down this slope as fast as my income does. Oh dear...