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  1. Captain ?degard

    iPhone 3GS remote headset transplantation mod

    Did a mod for the headset that comes with the iPhone 3GS and shuffle 3G (and also works on touch 2G and nano 4G i think). The included headset has a small remote with playback controls and a mic, so I simply transplanted the cord onto a pair of CX300 IEMs. Quick, awesome mod that gives you good...
  2. Captain ?degard

    IC/LOD giveaway (finished)

    I have way more ICs and LODs than I'll ever need so I'm giving away some to deserving homes. Worldwide apply but not shipping to countries with questionable postal systems. The LODs dont work on the new iphone/itouch/nano that requires some resistors and whatnot. To apply, post here with...
  3. Captain ?degard

    Read threads resetting themselves

    I've had this problem for a while but it's becoming more annoying. Threads that have been read randomly reset themselves to the thick blue text symbolizing "not read", even if no replies have been posted. Anyone else experienced this, and/or know a solution/cause or if its the forum thats bugged?
  4. Captain ?degard

    Video tutorial: How to make a (small) iPod LOD

    A lot of people have been commenting on my small LODs, and seeing many rigs on here I see many people that could lose half a kg off their rig if they switched out those oversized ones that seem so popular. It's really quite simple, so I made a video tutorial on how to make your own - complete...
  5. Captain ?degard

    How to: World's smallest 3.5mm DIY plug

    Being bored as usual I started tinkering and what I ended up with is a way to make the smallest possible 3.5mm jack for DIY use in the world. Period. This thing sticks about 3mm out of the female jack when in use, that's it. First, you need a smal plug from a IEM or other bought cable that...
  6. Captain ?degard

    FrankenFiiO v3 - E3 with volume control, integrated LOD

    Since there apparently aren't any staff on this site and the Frankenfiio v1 and v2 thread I requested moved 5 days ago is still in the same god damn place, I'm making a new thread. This is the 3rd incarnation of my FiiO E3 mod. It started with me needing an amp with a volume control 8for line...
  7. Captain ?degard

    Stuff Magazine: "Audiophiles get a life, cirrus logic codex is good enough!"

    Just got the newest norwegian stuff magazine with an ipod special. The people writing these magazines have the biggest lack of technical knowledge I have ever seen, its quite amusing. Anyways, in the ipod classic segment they wrote that when it first arrived, audiophiles claimed the wolfson...
  8. Captain ?degard

    Quickie FiiO E3 mod (woodie, volume control, batteries)

    While waiting for DX to ship my E5 i needed something that could be used with line out on my touch, considering how crappy the headphone out sounds >.< Had a spare E3, and spent 3 hours making it useful. Stripped it, added two parallell AA batteries (the E3 runs on one AAA, so this should be...
  9. Captain ?degard

    Beyerdynamic DT231 bluetooth mod

    The problem about bluetooth headset isn't the technology, but the headphones. SO I wanted to test how a simple cheap $25 USD AVRCP/A2DP reciever would sound paired with a decent heaphone. I modded my DT231 with a 3.5mm female jack so I could still use wires, and got the reciever. It works very...
  10. Captain ?degard

    Creative HQ1900 (not 1700) info?

    Was browsing a web shop over here when i came over a pre order option for Creative HQ1900. A quick google search didnt show much, so does anyone have any info? Obviousely an upgrade form the HQ1700. found no sane english link and the store i saw them in has a dumb system that doesnt...
  11. Captain ?degard

    DT231 Detachable cable mod

    Did a little modding to my DT231, added a 3,5mm female jack instead of the cable, and made a 120cm interconnect from the cable. The point of it is to buy some small BT reciever like this one. Since the dt231 has the cable on one side, its a rather easy mod, and there was just enough room to fit...
  12. Captain ?degard

    KSC75 mod: BT capable, headband, integrated mp3 and FM

    A while ago i posted KSC-75: headband/case + wooden caps + metal grill ultra mod. After i made them, they were stoved away and very rarely used. Today I got bored, and looked for something to do. I found the phones, and also a cheap pair of bluetooth capable headphones i got on a sale earlier...
  13. Captain ?degard

    Headphones with the PX100's exact sound

    I have several headphones, but somehow the PX100 appeal to me the most, i simply like its sound sig the best even if its one of the cheaper ones. Thats a good thing really, but ts not all that confy for home use. Is there any larger cans that have the EXACT same sound as the px100?.
  14. Captain ?degard

    iAudio U2 full review

    Thought I'd post this here as to give people a little reminder that this 3 year old player still kicks ass in the ultra portable department. Been using it at work the entire summer and despite bugs it's really grown on me, so anyone who ever considered a tiny mp3 player like the Sansa Express or...
  15. Captain ?degard

    Sennheiser HD430: resurrected

    Got those for a slick and nothing off norwegian ebay-wannabe. They looked like **** with the pads being gone for good, and there was a 6.3mm plug on it. So i went to work, and tried a new method of making new pads as i dont have access to sewing machine xD They look funny as hell, but are...
  16. Captain ?degard

    k26p vs k27i vs k518 vs px200 vs hq1700 vs HD202

    AKG k26p AKG k27i AKG k518 (aka k81 the new version) Sennheiser px200 Creative HQ1700 Sennheiser HD202 Best isolation, which one? best sound, not too bright, which one? Anyone of these try to strangle you when you have them around your neck? Please help, and dont sugegst anything else :P
  17. Captain ?degard

    DIY noise cancelling headphones

    Works well in crowded areas
  18. Captain ?degard

    Sennheiser: headphone identification required

    Anyone know what model these are?
  19. Captain ?degard

    Tube list: anything good?

    i was just wandering, is anythingi n the list below worth anything? Its assorted tubes, not all are amp tubes i think, not sure. The blank spots are just commercial i removed from the excel file after converting from works with some ****** program, ignore those for now. Anything come to mind...
  20. Captain ?degard

    Bassiest headphones ever, which?

    This might sound very shallow, but I really like bass, so I started wondering: what are the bassiest headphones there is? Also, which ones are bassiest ones that desn't require a headphone amp (to be run off the D2 in any case). Oh, and headphones, not IEms or plugs ^^
  21. Captain ?degard

    KSC-75: headband/case + wooden caps + metal grill ultra mod

    The KSC has a wonderful driver, but the ear clip style makes the sound loose way too much because they don't sit well enough on the ear, way too loose for my liking. The AKG k412p has a horrible driver in my opinion, way too high frequency oriented for my liking. But they sit damn well on the...
  22. Captain ?degard

    Poor man's speaker rebox design

    I found some old speakers in the basement, hooked them up to my T amp (for the time being running off batteries, waiting for power adapter from ebay). They didnt sound half bad, and theyre free BUT, the box has got to go... Local store has "hobby plates" as theyre called, wooden plates I use...
  23. Captain ?degard

    Forumtype html page maker site, for signature etc

    Damn finding a decent topic title is impossible for this... Anyways, yesterday I was bored and browsing forums, and as before I got annoyed over certain points concerning signatures, more precisely when you have your setup/equipment listed, as I and most people do: *You have to update it on...
  24. Captain ?degard

    Help: Choose a pair of Beyerdynamic cans

    I tried the dt770's the other day and they're great, however they are a bit pricey for poor me. So i've checked some other alternatives, here's a list with norwegian prices - please advice what deal is the best ^^ DTX700 - $97 DTX800 - $81 DTX900 - $121 DT440 - $169 Oh btw... I have a...