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  1. ProblemChild

    Amp recommendations needed for Fostex / Massdrop T-X0

    Just got the MD/ Fostex T-X0 planar Magnetics and they are power hungry. My Leckertron UHA6 just can’t give them enough power. Looking to spend less than $300. Browsed the Schiit website but didn’t know if I should go tube or not. Thanks in advance!
  2. ProblemChild

    Jonsein' for a new pair of headphones...What should I get?

    Gonna order a new pair of headphones this weekend. Might at as well take advantage of the memorial day sales. What I should I get? I listen to rock and alt. rock primarily. I do like my bass but not crazy mudd low. I already have DT770 Pro's and Pioneer HDJ-2000. I use the Leckerton UHA-6sMkII...
  3. ProblemChild

    New Leckerton uha-6s mkii has arrived....Not loud enough!?!?!

    I decided to sell my FiiO E17 and upgrade to the Leckerton uha-6s mkii to power my DT770 Pro 250ohm cans. With the 18db gain on, my volume levels nearly approach, too loud at max volume. The lower end of the dial is to quiet. Is it my headphones just being too difficult to drive with a USB...