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  1. greenhorn

    Uber-expensive headphones of today vs expensive headphones of yesterday

    How do stand today’s über-expensive headphones (by this I mean everything that exceeds 1000€) against flagships of 20-25 years ago when 700-800€ was already considered expensive and only some headphones went over 1000€? A Sennheiser Orpheus was 4000€. A Sony R10 or a Stax Omega 1 like 1500€. An...
  2. greenhorn

    Car Stereo system with the Grado-type sound?

    I decided to go for the best stereo system for my car and, for me, this would be a Grado RS-1 type of sound. Or PS-1. :-)   What brand comes close?   I don't know anything about car audio but I trust head-fi more than caraudio forums, so I think I would be happy to choose among your...
  3. greenhorn

    44,1 kHz 16 bit? 44,1 kHz 24 bit? 48 kHz 16 bit? 88,2 kHz 24 bit etc. ???

    I just bought an Olympus Linear PCM Recorder LS-10 to record live concerts with it.   It has several settings to choose among:   - 44,1 kHz 16 bit / 24 bit; - 48 kHz 16 bit / 24 bit; - 88,2 kHz 16 bit / 24 bit; - 96 kHz 16 bit / 24 bit.   So 8 different choices.   I know...
  4. greenhorn

    GRADO in a French advertising

    Of course she wears them the wrong way...
  5. greenhorn

    Jena Labs cable for Sennheiser HD800

    I see that some very expensive aftermarket cables for Sennheiser HD800 are based on cables coming from Jena Labs - covered with a nice black nylon. What's the word about Jena Labs' work quality and general reliability nowadays? One year ago they messed badly both with a Sony R10 AND with...
  6. greenhorn

    A Head-Fi Prize for pseudo-scientific technobable :)

    I'm sensible to a marketing which is well done. You know, Bose-style "better products through research" or how was that exactly. Therefore, I would tend not to let those wonderful marketing essays about the super-duper technology used in building an extra-uber-super-duper product (which, by...
  7. greenhorn

    In Singlepower still in business?

    Is it? I've read a bit about the technical problems with his amps and also about the owner as not being very responsive once he sells an amp. But the Singlepower site seemss to be alive and orders can still be placed: Singlepower Audio Is there now a consensus like "stay away" or this is...
  8. greenhorn

    The ultimate headphone soon on the market

    "Los Angeles. Hip-hop producer Dr. Dre has teamed up with Monster Cable for the ultimate headphone" (information from "Air France magazine - August 2009).
  9. greenhorn

    Espresso-Fi :-)

    I am on the market for an espresso machine and I don't know much about how to choose one and where to buy it from. Please share your experience and knowledge! :-) Thanks!
  10. greenhorn

    Which cable is better for interconnects?

    "Belden 1800F Balanced Audio Cable (AES/EBU, low-capacitance, high-flex cable)" OR "Canare L-4E6S Star Quad Balanced Audio Cable (higher noise rejection, but with higher capacitance)" Both are made by Blue Jeans Cables and the pricing is similar. So which one is to choose?
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    Happy Easter!
  12. greenhorn

    Stockholm week-end

    I'm going to spend a weekend in Stockholm, please give me ideas on what to do there
  13. greenhorn

    The Tomahawk (pics of the inside)

    There are now so many threads about this new amp. I searched for one to show pics of what's inside this amp, but I couldn't find any. Did anybody open the Tomahawk and take pictures?
  14. greenhorn

    Triflanges - all identical?

    I just discovered that Shure E5 triflanges are identical to the triflanges on the Etymotic ER20 earplugs. Are the Etymotic triflanges used on their IEMs also identical to the ER20 & Shure ones? I mean, are there more than one type of triflanges in existence, or it's just a one and only...
  15. greenhorn

    HeadAmp Gilmore Reference - big bad buzz...

    So I got this HeadAmp built Gilmore Reference, which is a great sounding amp indeed. But! There is a buzz in the left channel. It that can be heard no matter if the source is on or off, or paused or whatever. As soon as the amp is "on", the buzz is there. It is not dependant on the...
  16. greenhorn

    New Internet Exploret 7 - I lost the sharpness

    I just installed IE7 and the image on my display became a bit blurred... well, not really blurred, but a bit less sharp than it used to be. Can anybody help me get back the sharpness? Thanks in advance. P.S. If I use Mozilla, the sharpness is still there!
  17. greenhorn

    Changing cable to Shure E5

    I find that damned cable much too stiff. Did anybody already try to change it for more flexible one? I thought I might try to butcher the E5 and replace their stiff cable with an extension cable, a good quality one like the one that came with my Audio Technica EC7 earbuds. Any advice...
  18. greenhorn

    Happy Birthday, Nightwish!

  19. greenhorn

    LONG or SHORT aftermarket powercord???

    The question is obviously for those who consider powercords make a difference. So which one would make a more significative improvement? A short powercord because is makes the path shorter? OR A long powercord because the longer the good quality wire, the shielding etc., the better?
  20. greenhorn

    Beyerdynamic headphone amplifier

    Did anybody here tried it?[showUid][showUID]=1876&tx_sbproductdatabase_pi1[showUid][backPID]=108&cHash=b11daed01b
  21. greenhorn

    AKG K-340 compared to STAX

    Is it just me, or the love for the AKG K340 has kinda disappeared? Not much discussion around them lately. On the other side, Stax are much discussed since some time. Question to Stax gurus: to which Stax model would you compare the K340s?
  22. greenhorn

    Wire used in interconnect cables

    I am looking for information on what kind of wire is used by cable manufacturers when building cables. When trying to find that information on different cable manufacturer sites, I only could find, on a vast majority of these sites, praises for cables - praises usually increasing with price...
  23. greenhorn

    Iriver IHP140 - recording by "optical in" - bad results

    I recorded with my Iriver IHP 140 via its "optical in" a concert, the source being a Toshiba DVD player with optical output. The results are bad, the music is lifeless. I might retry to record the concert again, via "line in", but I was wondering which would be the cause for these bad...
  24. greenhorn

    My IRIVER IHP140 froze :-( HELP!

    Title says al. It froze in "RECORDING" position (I was recording via the "optical in"). The screen is lighted. I read the "squeeze it" advice here: but it does not seem to help. Any other suggestion? Should I wait until the battery...