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  1. The-One

    Can you use any track from any artist to demo equipment?

    Had someone around my house who remarked on my speakers setup, so I switched it on to show them. Now my sort of go to tracks for initial demo of speakers / headphones / whatever would be something like from Céline Dion, or Enya. Warm and rich bass that envelopes the listener with either dynamic...
  2. The-One

    $1k IEM go for Thieaudio Monarch MK2?

    It's been a long time since I've used any proper high end IEMs (the Shure SE500 were high end the last time I made a purchase lol and the UE10 pro was the best IEM in the world), and there's a lot of choice these days. For a thousand bucks or thereabouts would the best be Thieaudio Monarch MK2s...
  3. The-One

    Any portable DAP with removable batteries?

    I haven't been here in a while and the last time I owned a standalone music player was the iRiver H140, lol. Don't think that had a removable battery either, but things are more expensive these days. As for music, I mostly stream off Amazon Music now, so it'll need to run android streaming apps.
  4. The-One

    GGMM H300 triple driver anyone heard them? From cursory research they seem to focus on extreme value products? Don't know if this is any good or worth a punt at 70 dollars? As an aside I've not really listened to headphones / iems for the past 5 years...
  5. The-One

    What's the best iems with in line microphone / remote?

    I used to have a pair of Shure SE846, they were great actually, but I sold them years ago because they weren't practical. I'm getting a new phone when it comes out, the LG V20 which is gonna have really good dac / audio capabilities for a mobile. So I'm thinking maybe I want nice iems again...
  6. The-One

    Is there any point in downloading music to your harddrive if it is not FLAC?

    I have a music collection on my harddrive, because hey, i'm kind of old school, not that old, but old enough. i guess teenagers all listen out of their itunes library or something now.    but what i've found is that increasingly when I want to properly listen to my music on my good audio gear...
  7. The-One

    any of you have this hearing problem?

    ok, its in "general discussion" because i'm not sure where else to put it.    basically, there seems to be an imbalance between my ears, which is more noticeable the more localised the sound source is. For example, if I put in in a pair of IEMs, it's very clear there's an imbalance, if I put...
  8. The-One

    Anyone have both the Shure SE846 and Sennheiser HD800?

    I came across the SE846 when I read it won a bunch of CES awards, looking around for some reviews they all seem pretty rave. Was just wondering if anyone has heard both the Shure SE846 and the Sennheiser HD800. They're both pretty much the same price, at least in the UK. £949 vs £999.99.   ...
  9. The-One

    Detachable Cables - yay or nay?

    What the pros and cons of having an IEM with detachable cables vs fixed cables? And would you recommend me to get them with?   Things like, reliability, comfort, etc. Cos there seem to be a little block of plastic on some detachable cables iems I see, does that brush up against your skin...
  10. The-One

    Anyone heard the 2010 ACS T1?

    I have been a long time user of the ACS T2, heard basically the original ACS T1 was too harsh and even that Andy Shiach prefered the T2s.   So they've remade the ACS T1 for 2010. So is it like the T2 but better? Anyone know? There is a 15% - 30% discount for current ACS customers.
  11. The-One

    A bearable set of cheap speakers? (accurate/natural)

    Well, money is tight and my sound system is probably the most "luxury" items that I own purely for it's pleasure, eg my expensive chair can be partly justified on ergonomics grounds. I'm thinking of downgrading from Adam A7 speakers + SVS PC12 subwoofer to just a pair of active computer...
  12. The-One

    Who feels there's maybe "too much" choice now?

    I dunno, seems like a crowded market place, how does a newbie even choose now heh. I remember when I first got into iems, it was all about shure vs etymotic and UE. I haven't used another IEM since I went custom 4 years ago and the amount of new brands and models now is just
  13. The-One

    Why do music sound better when it's louder?

    Thought this should be a question being posed in the Sound Science section.
  14. The-One

    Any good plugins to normalise song volume?

    I use KMPlayer and I'm not changing it, it's also capable of using Winamp plugins. Looking for a plugin or whatever to normalise the volume of my song WITHOUT comprising on quality. I have a mix library of FLAC and MP3s. Any thoughts? Thanks
  15. The-One

    Who would consider using their mobile phone as music player?

    With my current DAP Cowon A3 slowly dying, and the fact that my nokia N86 has music player and can take a SD card in, I'm thinking of just using that to play music on the go. Especially as most of my music listening these days is infront of my computer rig. Anyone else considering or already...
  16. The-One

    Oh no, I now can definitely detect compression in music files

    To be honest, I'm actually quite annoyed at this. And I thought this day would never come. I've had some good equipment for a while and though I could say FLAC sounds better, but I've always wondered if it was all just my head. Today, my DAC was modified/upgraded to a Wolfson WM8716 chip...
  17. The-One

    Help please! Electrical noise through my speakers

    Hi there: I have electrical noises from my speakers constantly (pops & screeches that get worse when I move my mouse or scroll in a brower window. I am currently using Laptop --(USB)--> USB DAC --(RCA)--> Active Monitors I've determined the source of the noise is when my laptop is...
  18. The-One

    What are good Parametric Equalisers PEQs for The KMPlayer?

    I need a plugin for The KMPlayer which will act as a Parametric EQ for my subwoofer. I've already got measurements for my room, just need to dial in Freq & Q & Gain in a PEQ plugin Hopefully a plugin with more than 1 band? so I can apply more than 1 cut for a peak and possibly raise a null...
  19. The-One

    Is is true that adding adaptors into the signal chain degrades the sound?

    I'm looking for a 1/4" to RCA adaptors, but apprently it's said that adding adaptors will degrade the sound. if that is so, then I should spend less on the RCA cables as the adptors would be the weakpoint/bottleneck. or buy 1/4 to rca cables, but that would leave me very little flexibility...
  20. The-One

    Why do people still buy the top universal IEMs ?

    For the same money or less say, you could get FreQ or Livewires which are custom made. Not that i'm heard either 2, but customs are certainly much more affordable now and it's pretty much the end of an iem journey imo. So why not go straight there?
  21. The-One

    Is it time to split the forum sections more?

    hey all: I haven't really posted here in a long while but coming back it seems that head-fi has grown in popularity which is good I'm seeing 3 basic trends in the headphones section. posts about cans only, iems only, mixed or about sound in general. with several pages of new threads...
  22. The-One

    Pls recommend cheap headphones (uk)

    Hi: I would like a pair of cheap entry level headphones that are accurate and clear in their sound. They would be used unamped and in the house. connect to laptop, pmp, tv or yamaha keyboard. Frequent but probably short usage. I do not want boom, mud or shrillness that I would probably...
  23. The-One

    Can you use a portable amp with the Cowon A3?

    Hey people: usually you're supposed to use an amp by using a lineout from the DAP. the A3 does have a lineout connection on the side, but video signals is also transmitted, ive connected it to my TV using it. So can you use a portable amp with the A3 using the line out connection?
  24. The-One

    How the ACS T2 looks & feels now

    Hi to T2 owners soon or currently going under warranty repairs or who have just ordered: RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting 499kb JPEG file taken on a N95. I got them back today from warranty repair *As you will see the cable is now sheathed in a pinkish siliconish cover. *Also, it's...