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  1. GunMetal One

    Evil, Sickening.

    Geez...comparing them to a witch and wilford Wilford brimley's been mentioned...but no one has mentioned the Diabeetus.
  2. GunMetal One

    Which Countries Superman?

    LOL if its from bollywood, you know an awsome music video's gonna be in that movie
  3. GunMetal One

    I found a nest of baby squirrels in our front yard

    i pretty much agree with squirrels being strange pests. I've seen some at my uni campus eating gum stuck on garbage cans, or just suddenly jumping out of them, climbing into the buildings that just so happen to have large enough trees next to them and open windows to steal lunches (strangely...
  4. GunMetal One

    Fitz: Do you actually listen to all those AKG headphones?

    darn, was going to post something about that headphone orgy, but got beat lol, collection tho
  5. GunMetal One

    Is foobar better than itunes in terms of sound quality?

    well, reguarding sound quality, there are plenty of plug-ins for various kinds of settings, equalizers, crossfeed, and basically a volume leveler for all files, honestly i dont know how much of an improvement there is, you just need to look it up on their wiki test them out and basically...
  6. GunMetal One

    Neko Case & Her Boyfriends

    She was in van. a while ago, I missed her show cause of night school not only that but i saw a craigslist posting and missed out on her canadian amp album on vinyl. but yeah she's an awesome singer, I've heard things about her concerts being a very personal, warm and close environment.
  7. GunMetal One

    Good turnables...? And where do I get vinyl?

    for cheap used vinyl you can check out thrift stores like salvation army and value village, but most the time they have barbra streiesand or something like that... ocassionally you'll find something cool at a low price depending if the employees at that location do a weekly sweep. I bet there...
  8. GunMetal One

    February: Free mini to mini interconnect!

    Count me in too, this is really generous of you
  9. GunMetal One

    Happy Birthday Edwood!

    Happy birthday to a cool guy and awsome director
  10. GunMetal One

    So I think this kid damaged my ksc75s

    take the kid to a chili cookoff, invite his favorite band and make him eat special chili
  11. GunMetal One

    White Rappers - How many can you name?

  12. GunMetal One

    This may kill you.

    LMAO when she starts screamin! AWSOME SOLO lol.
  13. GunMetal One

    Happy birthday, Jude!

    Happy Birthday Jude!
  14. GunMetal One

    Bass or Electric Guitar

    I'd say go with an acoustic guitar or clasical nylon string guitar. You don't need to spend money on a bass/guitar amp, and you can easily take an acoustic guitar anywhere with you if you want to travel or move around with it. With either a bass, electric or not, and an electric guitar you need...
  15. GunMetal One

    What you DON'T want to see flying over your house!

    Quote: Originally Posted by ChickenGod
  16. GunMetal One

    portable amp?

    well if you feel a bit brave you could always try to make a Cmoy amp or ask if anyone can make one for you
  17. GunMetal One

    iPod shuffles now available in colors

    blue looks cool
  18. GunMetal One

    Last chance

    count me in
  19. GunMetal One

    The Terminator vs. Robocop - The Movie

    needs that killer robot from the first robocop
  20. GunMetal One

    Weird Al rocks

    LOL! Just saw that music vid today. He interviewed eminem a while back you guys see that? If not....
  21. GunMetal One

    CD mp3 player

    hey thanks for all the replies, im just wondering if the old iriver imp 550 slim X cd players are worth it. Im still an audio n00b , but i've been reading up and asking friends on stuff and the DIY amps, like the pimenta and the CMoy, im just wondering if an iriver imp550 slim X cd player...