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  1. Fearless1

    Headroom Max amp

    Heya,   I was looking for a new SS amp to play with and I came across an older model Headroom Max amp. I can't find much info about the power specs and/or many reviews. The couple of reviews I have found are positive. I was wondering if any of you own/used to own one of the older models...
  2. Fearless1

    How is the Hifiman EF-5 with the HE-500s?

    Just wondering if this combo sounds as good as advertised?
  3. Fearless1

    Would I enjoy the Audeze-LCD-2/3?

     I am in the market for something new. I am torn between the LCD-2/3, HE-500 or the HE-400. I have recently been in a closed Headphone stage with my last couple of purchases, but i am ready for a new open can. Any input would by greatly appreciated.   I am a closet basshead no doubt, but i...
  4. Fearless1

    Pro 2900 vs He-400

    I have the itch for some new cans. I am looking for an open soundstage with good bass response. There are very few reviews on both of the heaphones I mentioned, any chance someone on here has tried both? I realize that the He-400 may take a while before I can purchase one.
  5. Fearless1

    12AX7 Tube questions.

    Heya,   I have a Bellari 540 that I have been messing around with lately (great little budget tube amp BTW). I have tried many of the 12ax7 tubes that I researched from almost all of the newer made tubes to a couple of vintage tubes a Mullard and an RCA. The best sound stage was the Mullard...
  6. Fearless1

    Schiit Asgard or Matrix M-stage?

    Just recently got a friend into this hobby we share. He is on a limited budget. He loves the sound of my DT 990's (I like the open bass but hate the highs but can't seem to part ways with them). We picked him up a pair of refurbished ones  from E-bay that arrived in good shape. Now we are...