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  1. Aero Dynamik

    How to become a "Headphoneus Sumpremus" in no time!

    I believe new Head-Fi'ers in general would be more willing to trust a "Headphoneus Supremus" than a "Junior Head-Fi'er". I know I did for far too long. The problem with these titles is that they are misleading and give an impression that a member is probably knowledgeable, or the opposite. In...
  2. Aero Dynamik

    JVC HA-FX850: Has my hearing deteriorated or improved?

    First some background. Suffering from a hearing impairment on my left ear and tinnitus I don’t always feel completely confident about my own hearing. To hear as well with my left ear as I do with my right ear, the left ear needs about 28% more sound pressure level, and my left ear tinnitus...
  3. Aero Dynamik

    Anyway, why do I need a balanced portable amplifier?

    I’ve just ordered Cypher Labs’ Algorhythm Solo –db. It has a balanced output port for connecting it to a balanced amplifier, like the “SR-71B” and the “The Intruder” from “Ray Samuels Audio”, or the “The International” and the “Rx MK3-B” from ALO Audio. By the way, are there any other portable...
  4. Aero Dynamik

    Wanted: Even better than DACport sound from Sennheiser HD 650

    For a couple of years now I’ve been in to IEMs. I currently own and use EarSonics’ SM3 (universal) and EarSonics’ EM6 (custom). My next goal has pretty much been to find a superior universal IEM and I’ve been considering the FitEar To Go 334.   However, since the FitEar To Go 334 is one of...