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  1. RamblerBoy

    Fiio x7 mark ii - output impedance - Shure SE846

    Hey guys, I have a doubt.. is it advisable to plug the Shure SE846 having impedance of 9 ohms into the Fiio X7 Mark II having output impedance of 1.2 ohms? Will it really alter the the sound properties of the Shure SE846? Please do reply, i am really interested in buying the Fiio X7II. Thank...
  2. RamblerBoy

    JH audio lola vs noble k10 encore

    Hey guys, I am trying to get a complimentary set of iems for my Shure se846. As much as i love listening to se846 i do not find them very apt for hard rock / metal. Mids: I am looking for something comparatively a lot clearer and cleaner through the mids. I find the shure mids rather too soft...
  3. RamblerBoy

    Neutral vs Fun

    Why do people tell that neutral headphones often aren't fun listening to? but i always thought they already apply necessary eq's to songs/albums before shipping them out. so wouldn't neutral headphones produce the aspects of sound exactly as the artists and their team intended and wouldn't that...
  4. RamblerBoy

    Shure SE846 | Westone W60 | Shure SE535 which one for musicality?

    Hi,   I apologize if i am not using the terms correctly.   I want a UIEM that sounds full bodied having an outstanding mids presentation especially vocals while having extremely good and deep punchy lows along with clear, soft, smooth & pure soothing highs that are not piercing or too bright...
  5. RamblerBoy