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    Rhapsody Subscription - trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear!

    For better or worse, I have had a Rhapsody To Go subscription for a number of years to feed my Sansa View.  I never gave much thought to the sound quality of their files as I mostly considered the service a convenience.  Now, with my new uDAC-2, I am slowly in the process of introducing PC-based...
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    Apex Peak/Volcano Review

      A wise man once told me, “Ignorance is bliss”.  Pausing for a moment, he then corrected himself, “Actually, ignorance was bliss”.  Never were truer words spoken with my return to Head-Fi after having been “blissful” these past three years.  Having worked through a bit of gear, which I will...
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    Problem Solved (NT)

    In the immortal words of Emily Litella, "Never mind".
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    And if I don't upgrade my source?

    I posed several source upgrade options for comment in this thread (among others): What I would like to do is flip the question on its head and ask what would I be missing out on, besides a thinner wallet, if I chose not to upgrade. Assuming...
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    Popping sound from 12AX7/7025?

    One of the 12AZ7's that I received as part of my birthday present sent a loud pop through my amp and speakers last night when I powered up the amp. This was followed by much snowy noise coming through one of the channels. I shut everything off, replaced the 12AX7 to see if it was the culprit...
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    Another attempt at source upgrade - advice needed

    I am one again trying to upgrade the source for my home system. Several earlier attempts led me to upgrade all other components, but the CDP! I have made peace with my system and am reasonably happy with the sound, but am wondering if I should upgrade the source and before exiting the "equipment...
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    Does anybody know what DAC is used in the iRiver Clix?

    The following link lead to an article that shows an open Clix, but I cannot determine what DAc iRiver is using in the unit. Does anybody know what DAC they are using in the unit?
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    Source options for office listening

    I am looking at listening options for my work space (read "cubicle") and I have several options. For FM listening, I am all set with a small Sony SRF model. For other music, I can use a Panasonice SL-CT470 CDP with a HR Total Air Head amp that I currently own, or I could purchase either of the...
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    Mapletree EAR Update

    Well, this is post #500 and I had hoped to use it to post my long overdue impressions of my three month old MAD EAR++ III. But, given enough time, things can change. I logged on yesterday to a number of PM's from EAR owners, and past and present prospective EAR owners regarding the status of the...
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    Why am I having cold feet about a source upgrade?

    I have been busy as a beaver and wanted to find a few moments to write up my impressions about my two month old Mapletree Audio EAR++, but it may have to wait a bit longer while I work out my thoughts on a source upgrade. I purchased a Sony CE-595 back in December as what I thought would be a...
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    Attenuators and the signal path?

    I am placing this question here because it primarily deals with headphone amplifier designs and/or modifications. If a headphone amplifier is capable of being used as a preamaplifier, but it needs to have its signal attenuated because of a high noise floor, is ther any difference to the signal...
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    Xin was right!

    I just picked up a Sony SRF-59 to use as a portable radio. The sound is quite intoxicating (assuming you have good FM stations to listen to), especially at less than $20 new. The funny thing is that I am hooking up my HD-600 directly to the radio and I am having a blast. No offense to my...
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    Another preamp / headphone amp question

    I am interested in a tube headphone amp that can also pull duty as a preamp. However, what I am looking for is an amp/preamp that will accept three inputs, most only accept two. I know that Woo Audio has a model (WA2), but does anybody know of any others that have three inputs and sell for less...
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    HR Millett Hybrid as preamp?

    I needed to sell my Jolida integrated amp and I miss that tube sound greatly. I am now using a Rega Mira3 solid state amp, and as much as I like Rega, the amp sounds thin (or some could say that the Jolida was fat, but nonetheless I preferred that sound), and I seem to be turning it up in search...
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    Help needed reconnecting speakers!

    I know we are not supposed to cross-post, but I believe that I should have originally placed my message here as it went over like a lead balloon in the DIY forum (a place I seldom visit). I need to terminate my speaker wires with banana cables, but I am not fully certain how this particular type...
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    Help hooking up Rega Mira

    I'm going to make a long story short as I will post more details later. I am hooking up a new Rega Mira amp and have to wonder what Rega was thinking when they designed their speaker binding posts for the amp. I have my speakers bi-wired and they were a bare wire connection on my previous amp...
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    Aria & HA-1 MkII

    Is there anybody who has heard the new Aria and can offer comments as to how it sounds compared with Meier's HA-1 MkII (not the HA-2)? I know Dr. Meier thinks the Aria is close tothe HA-2 in sound quality, but I am also assuming that the HA-1 MkII is as well. They are both selling in the same...
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    Can an amp be too neutral?

    This is a rhetorical question, but I am curious to hear people's thoughts on amps and their "sound signatures". I ask this question because I have been able to use a Morrison ELAD pre-amp/headphone amp these last few weeks, in lieu of my Total AirHead. Morrison Audio, like many pre-amp...
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    Sony SCD-CE595 Question

    I have read the numerous threads and reviews on this model, and most folks seem to feel it is a great value CDP for redbook and for SACD. While it has mostly been compared with its ES upscale sibling, the ES2000, and several universal players, I was wondering how it compares to CDP's a bit up...
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    Candid opinions needed on redbook upgrade

    Its amazing how a new pair of headphones ( ) can cause such disruption in a home system. To make a long story short, my new HD-600's would like to have a place in my home system. I am temporarily using a TAH while I consider an amp upgrade better designed for home use. (I am considering a HR...
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    Help troubleshooting home/portable hookup!

    I tried hooking up a portable source (PCDP w/mini line out) to a pre-amp with headphone out, and alternately to an integrated amp with a headphone jack ( to make sure there was nothing wrong with the pre-amp), and I seem to be encountering a problem regardless of my cable arrangement or source...
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    Portable Amp w/RCA's

    Are there any other portable amps with RCA inputs other than Headamp's AE-1? I know that Channel Islands Audio has a unit, but I do not consider that portable.
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    New PCDP to better my Pany SL-CT470?

    Are there any new PCDP's that can provide better sound than my vintage 2000 Panasonice SL-CT470 (Blue) player? It is currently hooked up (via line out) to a Total Airhead amp and either Ety ER-4's or Senn HD-600's. I would consider an amp upgrade if the source is worthy, Pany or otherwise, since...
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    Integrated Tube Amps w/Headphone Jacks?

    My present integrated tube amp does not have a headphone jack. I know that I can use a separate headphone amp, but having to reconnect sources is not convenient. Does anybody know of any integrated tube amps that sells for less than $1,500 that has a decent headphone jack? I know that Cary and...
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    Jolida 302 - Blown Tube/Fuse - Advice Needed

    My used Jolida 302B, which I bought last fall, has blown its first tube or fuse, or possibly both. The tubes were all rolled after the purchase with the help of Jon at the Tube Store . Ironically, I was thinking of rebiasing the tubes this weekend, when after about ten minutes of listening...