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  1. Draulius

    HE400i vs. HD650 vs. AD2000x ?

    EDIT: Solved, went with the HD650 for it's better all-roundedness over the AD2000x, and found the HE400i's too "soft".
  2. Draulius

    Objective2 + ODAC Rev. B Combo?

    I was looking to purchase the ODAC+O2 Combo, but there are two versions I am torn between. The first one is of course found on the JDS Labs website, and the second is on Mayflower Electronics (called Revision B). The Mayflower Electronics one boasts better measurements, and is lower priced to...
  3. Draulius

    Amps and sensitive headphones issue.

    Hello, I'm new to Head-Fi and have an issue concerning AMP DACs when paired with sensitive headphones. Currently, I use the Schiit Fulla AMP DAC with Audio-Technica AD700 headphones. It sounds a bit better than the on-board audio, but there's one problem; I can't use 90% of the volume knob...