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  1. theBigD

    Remember when you where Young and Music just washed over you and touched your inner soul?

    Hey, I was just thinking about how when I was young and music just affected by being so very much. And I realized that through the middle part of my life I kinda lost touch with that. And recently with my new Denon D7000 and a new Stello DAC and the C2C amp, I am experiencing music like this...
  2. theBigD

    Compass vs C2C / Compass DAC vs Stello DA100 Review and Comparison

    A little over 6 weeks ago I had a chance to borrow my roommates Compass for a week while he was gone. I used the week to compare to my EF1. I liked the Compass and realized the advantage of a dedicated DAC over my arraingement at the time which was a modded X-FI to EF1 amp. But I thought...
  3. theBigD

    Blue Coast Records/Free CD quality Acuostic Downloads

    Check out this site for high quality acuostic music. Also some interesting video, of Alex De Grassi playing a 39-string harp-sympitar.
  4. theBigD

    How much will DAC change sound signature?

    Hi, Ive been hanging out in headphones and amp section for a while. I just got a chance to use my friends compas dac+amp. before I had been listening to music from my modded x-fi music soundcard. From the compass I get a flatter more nuetral sound (but kinda digital), but i feel like i am...
  5. theBigD

    how to choose resistors for rca interconnect to reduce gain in EF1 amp?

    title pretty much says it all. I need to reduce the imput signal to my EF1 amp so that i can get the volume out of the first %10 of its range to correct for channel imbalance. How would i chose resistors? any guides or links to doing this as i am a newb when it comes to diy. thanks for the help.
  6. theBigD

    How do I select volume pot for ef1? Active volume control. What does this mean.

    I got my first full sized amp this year (besides the stax 2050). I really love the amp but the pot is seriously imbalanced in the low volume range which is predominently where i do all my listening. I find it very annoying, I just got d7000 headphones which are even more sensitive than anything...
  7. theBigD

    swapping op amp vs swapping tubes which makes more difference?

    I just got an head-direct ef1 hybrid amp and wondering if anyone with hybrid moddification would know what makes more difference modding op amp or tubes or if its possible to describe the subtle difference between the two.
  8. theBigD

    akg 701 + little dot mkIII ???? (EF-1)???

    I have the akg 701 and currently use go-vibe v5s with 24volt elpac to drive out of modded x-fi. Ive been reading the forums and keep hearing that home amps are so much better, started to get the upgrade bug. also just got some yuin pk1s and they seem even more difficult to drive than akg are...
  9. theBigD

    Best headphones for bicycling?

    I really like to crank up the tunes and go for a good bike ride. Ive had a hard time finding a headphone that works really well for this. My Grado SR-125s have been the best so far. And they just got better this year. The cable shorted out, and it was the biggest pain anyway trying to roll up...
  10. theBigD

    reterminating akg 701s/ anyone know a good 1/8" plug?

    i would like to replace my 1/4" plug on akg 701s with 1/8" plug. i know this has some issues because they are bi-wired to plug. has anyone done this with their akg 701s. any advice? ive done very little diy electronicly so pretty much a noob. thanx for your help in advance.
  11. theBigD

    govibe v5s which opamps do you use?

    i want to get govibe v5s. just looking for different op amp suggestions. really want to know if it is worth upgrading to ad8610/8620 from stock op amp. using with ety er6c and akg 701 and grado sr 125. thanx for your time and recommendations.
  12. theBigD

    what amps pair well with etymotic?/akg 701?

    ive been using some ety er4p and for a couple of months now and never really believed an amp would make any difference. but i just plugged into my headphone booster from radioshack, (which is just getting me by with my akg 701s till i get a real amp), and wow they sound a lot better, more depth...
  13. theBigD

    will westone cables fit etymotic

    ive hear westone cables are supposed to be microphonic free. will they fit etymotic? any sonic differences?
  14. theBigD

    etymotic er6 vs er4p? please help me make up my mind.

    etymotic says er6 is most accurate next to er4s so do they sound better or equivalent to er4p? i am finally warming to the sound of the er4p i purchased for a second time. i just recently tried the foamies with them and like them. but i purchased the er4p from wal mart online just because they...
  15. theBigD

    akg / customer service is this an oxymoron?

    i bought akg 701 headphones 2 months ago. did the 300 hr burn in. absolutely love the sound of these. about 3 weeks ago a little plastic part that holds the headband off the head broke. ive emailed there us customer service dept 3 times. ive called several times and gotten a busy signal and left...
  16. theBigD

    warrantee with akg??? in usa

    i have some akg 701s i purchase 2 months ago, and little plastic part that holds the headand above the head broke. i really love the sound of these headphones, so i havent been too upset about a little cosmetic thing like this. i am using a bread tie to keep it from collapsing. but ive emailed...
  17. theBigD

    shipping headphones for mod

    i am shipping my stax sr-001 to podfitkits for and earmod. i am wondering what best process is for shipping, making sure they dont get broke and possible theft? how do you ship headphones? anyway to be sure headphones are insured?
  18. theBigD

    anyone tried podfitkits?

    i came across this custum earplug site that does podfitkits. they even do a custom one. i am going to try this with my stax sr 001 headphones and see if i can get a better seal. just would like to know if this guy is any good? the website is
  19. theBigD

    podfitkits and iem compatability?

    i stumbled upon this company that does podfitkits for earbuds. has anyone used this to modify an uncomfortable iem? i am trying to make my new stax sr-001 comfy so i can truely enjoy the crystal up front sound they have. so i am going to try their custum podfitkit. i am...