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  1. psyllium

    Question: eeePC vs. DAP vs. ? for work rig

    Hi guys, I've been moved onto a dumb terminal environment at work, so I am now using my Samsung T10 8GB mp3 player as my audio source. Plugged in to my iBasso D2 Boa, it's not too bad, however, it doesn't have quite as much crispness as I would like. Also, I wouldn't mind being able to store...
  2. psyllium

    Upgrade from K81DJ - where to?

    Hi guys, I've had my K81DJ headphones for a while now, using the HD25 velour pads on them. Just for fun, I put the original AKG pleather pads back on to hear how they sounded. All of a sudden the K81DJ sounded a lot crisper and clearer up in the high end. Now it's impossible for me to keep on...
  3. psyllium

    Just bought AKG K171's - need help w/amplification

    First of all I'd like to say hi to everyone as I am new to this forum. I totally didn't expect such an avid headphone based community to be around - cool . Anyway, the primary application for my headphones are for DJing. My 14 month old Pioneer HDJ-1000's snapped at the plastic hinge, as so...