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  1. h2rulz

    Review by 'h2rulz' on item 'Burson Audio Fun'

    DISCLAIMER Burson sent me the Fun for review weeks ago (I apologize for the late review). That said, as always, I'll try my best to provide an honest feedback. ABOUT ME I’ve been in this hobby for about 3 years and still feel like I’ve just started with so much to learn and explore. No, I'm...
  2. h2rulz

    DC Area Meet - August 18th, 2018

    I'd love to make it to this meet. And if I do get to attend, pending my mother's flight schedule, it looks like Sheldaze is already bringing most of what I was planning to bring (ZDT Jr, BW2). Perhaps, I can bring the Sonic Frontiers SFD-1 MKii DAC, if anyone want's to pair it with their DAC...
  3. h2rulz

    Massdrop x Eddie Current ZDT Jr. impressions thread

    A bit off topic, but just as an FYI, similar to what songmic said, amp and headphone pairing matters. Well, I’m sure you’re aware of this, but don’t dismiss a headphone before paring it properly. E.g. I didn’t like the HD650/6xx until I tried it with the Valhalla 2.
  4. h2rulz

    Massdrop x Eddie Current ZDT Jr. impressions thread

    Understood. Anyone else heard both?
  5. h2rulz

    Massdrop x Eddie Current ZDT Jr. impressions thread

    Forgive me for reviving what looks like a dead thread, but wow, it's really surprising to see less impressions here on the ZDT Jr. than on the "other" forum. Btw, thanks OP for the comprehensive review. Also @Allanmarcus, if you don't mind, could you elaborate more on the ZDT Jr. vs the BW? I...
  6. h2rulz

    Audeze LCD-2 "Vegan" Earpads - feedback, installation & mini-review

    I'm reviving this thread out of pure frustration (FYI, I have the LCD3 not LCD2). Audeze, please change how the earpads glue on to the earcups. Would "pretty please' work? So, the outer ring area of the lambskin earpad (the thin ring after the stitches that goes around the bottom of the...
  7. h2rulz

    Asgard 2 or Valhalla 2 for HD650(6XX)

    Had both and Valhalla 2 was the easy pick for me. The wide soundstage (IMO one of the best in the price range) and clean neutral sound of the Valhalla 2, desptie being a OTL tube amp, paired well with the relatively smaller staged and warmish sound of the HD650.
  8. h2rulz

    Schiit Fire and Save Matches! Bifrost Multibit is Here.

    Thanks for the suggestion. That very well is an option even for my old 2008 MBP (I have done it before). But it doesn't explain the sudden weird behavior, which really has been bugging me.
  9. h2rulz

    Schiit Fire and Save Matches! Bifrost Multibit is Here.

    Thought I'd post my question here before I post it in the general "help" thread. Any help is greatly appreciated. So, my Bimby suddenly stopped working for the past couple of days. I currently have an AudioGD NFB28 (dac/amp) connected to both my 2008 Macbook Pro, and the Bimby (using the NFB28...
  10. h2rulz

    = HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

    @Zack W I hear you. Even the change from Focus Pads to Focus-A Pads (velour inside the pads unlike the current/stock Focus Pads) was so much better in terms of making the soundstage more coherent and the mids more organic (less harsh). Now, I might have to dig out all my spare earpads to...
  11. h2rulz

    Audeze LCD-3 Impressions Thread

    I probably used the wrong expression there, but I don't think I'm disagreeing with what you're saying. It's just that relative to the LCD2, I found the more noticeable improvements to be in detail, soundstage and bass speed (got my HD800 when I want those). I was hoping for a bigger jump in mids...
  12. h2rulz

    Audeze LCD-3 Impressions Thread

    Well I was only talking in relative terms, coming from the LCD2. I was expecting greater improvement regarding the mids, but I probably had an unrealistic expectation coming from a headphone that already has great mids. That said, I can't speak for the TH900s as I have no experience with them...
  13. h2rulz

    Audeze LCD-3 Impressions Thread

    Hi all, I picked up a LCD3f that's serviced with the 2016 drivers and I just wanted to share my impressions. Coming from the LCD2.2f (2016) I share similar impressions as @chimney189 but obviously with the LCD3f not pre fazor. I'll definitely need more time to come to properly judge the LCD3f...
  14. h2rulz

    Win a SUSVARA

    People call me Susvara - yes, I have a very "sweet voice." And, of course, I love the sound sig of Hifiman phones!
  15. h2rulz

    Anybody figured out the new site yet?

    Not only that, but you also have to click on the "Information" tab to be able to start a private message. Not only is it weird not being able to start a private message from anywhere, but having to search for it under "Information" makes no sense. That's unless I'm missing something blatantly...
  16. h2rulz

    Endgame Dac and Amp Suggestions under $800?

    A used Bifrost Multibit and Valhalla 2 should run just under $800. You might even have some room left to invest in quality tubes. Personally, I prefer smooth sounding Bugle Boys (hard to find one that's not noisy nowadays), Pope PCC88, etc. But most others would recommend a more transparent tube...
  17. h2rulz

    New Head-Fi Update

    I'm using a 16:10 display rotated vertically. The webpage cuts off at the right edge and I can't see the number of private messages and account alerts I have without having to scrolling to the right. I believe the base width of the website is too wide (its the width of the ad banner actually)...
  18. h2rulz

    DC Area Head-Fi Meet - April 15, 2017 - Impressions

    Thanks @gandhisfist and Wow to make the meet happen. I've only been to a few, and larger meets like this may not be great for critical listening, but is a blast for getting a taste for so many interesting stuff, and just being surrounded by so many people who share the same passion.   One of...
  19. h2rulz

    DC Area Head-Fi Meet - April 15, 2017

      Sure, I'll definitely bring it if I can make it.
  20. h2rulz

    Valhalla 2 review coming soon!

    @adydula You pretty much mirror my thoughts on the two amps. They have their own strengths, which you pointed out pretty accurately IMO. But, as you probably already know, both do change/improve with different tubes. The Brimar CV4003 improved the bass for the Crack/speedball, and the Bugle...
  21. h2rulz

    Valhalla 2 review coming soon!

    Yup, that's a pretty close to my impression of the two amps. The Valhalla 2 does get a bit more tube-like with different tubes, but never as much as a Bottlehead Crack or, I believe, the Vali 1 (it's been a while since I sold the Vali 1). FYI, the Vali 2 is less tube-like than the Vali 1.  ...
  22. h2rulz

    Sennheiser x Massdrop HD6XX Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    That was one of the first things I noticed when I saw them over at Massdrop. I would also prefer a matte finish over the older finish.   It'll will be great if someone (Jude) can confirm this.
  23. h2rulz

    = HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

    Completely agree with you there, which is why I'm still spending months to decide what to keep among the HD800, HE500 and HE560. Among the three, HE560 lies between the other two. I'm torn between just keeping the HE560 or keeping both the HD800 and HE500. HE500 has the most bass (mid bass)...
  24. h2rulz

    = HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

    Yes, I agree they are great cans :)   Btw, although I'm pretty sure you're already aware, it's easy to fix a dent in the grill. I've done it with my previous HE400S, which has the same grill structure and comes off the same way.
  25. h2rulz

    Noble Audio Wizard Sage Giveaway!

    70,012 79,891 77,777