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  1. JEspina456

    IMPRESSIONS THREAD AND REVIEW, with pics: 2016 SE Michigan Fall Meet

    Post your impressions, thoughts and future purchases here!   I was very happy with the turnout at this meet. We had a great variety of gear to listen to compare and contrast.  There were entry-level headphones, mid-fi and TOTL cans.  We had sources galore:  Windows laptops, Macs, a turntable...
  2. JEspina456

    2016 Southeastern Michigan FALL Head-Fi Meet: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2016--Royal Oak, MI

        -----All details moved to first posting for ease of access-----       (all pics taken at Nino Salvaggio's in Troy, yeah they were looking at me.)   Alright guys,  here they are, the details of the 2016 Fall Meet of the Southeastern Michigan Chapter:   2016...
  3. JEspina456

    Opinions?? Oppo HA-2 vs NuPrime micro DSD

    I want to sell my Teac HA-P50 and get a portable headphone amp/DAC with DSD capability. The Oppo is $299; the NuPrime is $179. Opinions on either? Please no "snake oil" comments about DSD. I want to try it out for myself. If it's not anything exciting, I can always sell again..., Thanks guys!