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  1. Bones13

    SR009 with WEE?

    Going to move to a new/smaller house in a couple of months, and my idea of a big, rectangular speaker ideal room is now out.  I plan now to make for a better headphone system.  I currently have a nice 25 watt EL34 PP amp, and was planning on building a KT88 SE amp (5 or 10 watts if ultralinear)...
  2. Bones13

    How big is an Apogee MiniDac

    The Apogee MiniDAC/USB is currently my choice for a DAC upgrade from my Spitfire (which I don't feel is any better than the 1212m, even with the opamp upgrade). I have rather shallow shelves behind my desk upon which my rig sits. The shelves are almost 12 inches deep, with a wooden back. I...
  3. Bones13

    Headroom Micro DAC

    I have ordered the Headroom Micro AMP with Senn HD 650s. Question involves the computer and the DAC. My current computer has a CreativeLabs XFi card, and I plan to use the speaker out to run to the amp. Does anyone have experience using the Micro DAC and the USB connection to run digital to...