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  1. LouisArmstrong

    SE846 vs W80?

    I have had several pairs of SE846 and either gave them away or went out of order. I have had much more expensive in ears since then but it is always my go to when I want something casual but better than AirPods / AirPods Pro. Recently I want to get another pair again but found out Westone W80...
  2. LouisArmstrong

    Ghost of Tsushima is a must-buy

    Probably the best looking game I have seen. Make no mistake - I have a PC with 2080Ti and have seen what AAA games look at 4K HDR with all options maxed out these days. And Ghost of Tsushima is just a PS4 game (obviously you will have to play on a 4K TV and PS4 Pro to get the most out of it)...
  3. LouisArmstrong

    Best IEM for gaming?

    I know IEMs aren't ideal for gaming - a full surround sound system or headphones are always preferred. In fact I have an Atmos 7.1.4 system installed and for games that support it, the effect is simply amazing. But I also game at late night and 7.1.4 isn't really viable, and I do a lot of...
  4. LouisArmstrong

    iPad Pro 10.5" sound quality is pretty amazing

    Best in a tablet I have heard, and probably just second to the Onkyo smartphone if we count cell phones as well. I come from iPhone 7+, G6, V20 and now Galaxy S8+. I would say that the SQ of the new iPad Pro is better than all of them. No it can't compare with my AK380Cu and probably is not at...
  5. LouisArmstrong

    MSB electrostat headphone amp - US$37,950 - a possible contender with T2 ???

    MSRP: US$37,950
  6. LouisArmstrong

    Best high end headphone for gaming?

    I have a number of headphones that can be considered high end, including SR009, HE1000 and LCD3. However I would like more sound isolation for gaming and I only have one pair of closed back - T5p. Which high end headphone in your opinion is the best for gaming? I am thinking LCD XC as it seems...
  7. LouisArmstrong

    Can't post on IEM forum

    Hi there. I am a newbie to this forum and I want to share my impressions and photos of the JH Audio Layla that I have just bought. Can you please grant me permission? Should I start a new thread titled "JH Audio Layla Impressions" or just reply on Jude's Head-fi TV thread? Thanks!