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  1. tintin220

    SOLD: Bottlehead S.E.X. 3.0 + C4S Upgrade Kit

    Brand new kit, unbuilt. I bought this a few months ago and never got around to putting it together. Moving yet again. :( Asking 450 USD shipped. Costs 574.00 + shipping from Bottlehead.
  2. tintin220

    BNIB Audeze LCD-2 -- sealed and unopened!

    Brand new set of Bamboo Audeze LCD-2's, in original box and comes with travel hard case. It's literally brand new, the box seal is still unopened.    Asking $OLD shipped (w/ free insurance) CONUS. Not looking for trades at this time. Thanks!
  3. tintin220

    Brainwavz IEMS for sale!

    Finishing up graduate school and moving to a new home with the missus, so it's time to clear out some headphones I've got laying around. Given the reason for the sale, no trades.   I will cover Paypal/Google Wallet fees and shipping to CONUS (or a discount if you can pick up in the San Diego...
  4. tintin220

    T-PEOS H-200 IEMs

    For sale is a set of T-PEOS H-200 IEMs. These came from the original pre-sale and were recently sent to T-PEOS to be tuned up and refurbished so they're as good as new.    The IEMs have a few scuffs on them and areas where the paint has worn off, but these issues are cosmetic only and don't...
  5. tintin220

    Bottlehead Crack + Speedball Kit

    For sale is an unused Bottlehead Crack + Speedball Kit. I bought and built several of these for friends and family, but have one kit left. It's the entire kit straight from Bottlehead including the parts for the Speedball and instructions. The stock tubes will also be included.   Again, this...
  6. tintin220

    Brand New "DIY" Sennheiser HD650 + HH10 (please read description)

    For sale is a set of "DIY" Sennheiser HD650s -- in short, I bought all of the parts from Sennheiser directly and put them together. It's a simple job, as all the parts are modular and snap right into place.   I'm actually using the HD600 headband and grilles, but the driver is the HD650...
  7. tintin220

    BNIB AKG Q701 Black

    It's brand new in the box, see the pics. A bit of the cardboard on the side of the box is torn off but it's still unopened and the headphones are obviously undamaged.   Asking $185 shipped CONUS.   EDIT: Price is firm for a brand new unit, never opened. Please no trades, thank you.
  8. tintin220

    T-PEOS H-200 IEMs

    For sale is a set of T-PEOS H-200 IEMs. These came from the original pre-sale and were recently sent to T-PEOS to be tuned up and refurbished so they're as good as new. They sound great and work perfectly; truly one of the best 2 BA + 1 dynamic hybrids out there, especially at this price point...
  9. tintin220

    BNIB Audioengine D1

    Brand new in box, never used except to test. Asking $150 shipped anywhere CONUS, with free insurance.   Happy holidays, thanks for looking!
  10. tintin220

    ODAC Board

    I have an ODAC board for sale that was used for a build, but since been removed and no longer needed. There is a small burn mark on the PCB, but it's cosmetic only and in no way affects the performance of the DAC itself.    EDIT: Upon closer inspection, there doesn't appear to be a burn after...
  11. tintin220

    BNIB Koss ESP950

    I have a brand new Koss ES950 for sale on behalf of a friend to see if there's interest in this. It's still in its box and is not opened yet. Asking price is $OLD shipped.   Cheers.
  12. tintin220

    Brand New STAX SRS-3170 as bundle or separately (Free ship+ins, no fees!)

    For sale is a brand new STAX SRS-3170 system, which retails for $1250 (; it contains the SRM-323S driver unit and the SR-307 Λ-series earspeaker/headphone. It is in perfect condition and has only be listened to for roughly 2 hours. The system will come...
  13. tintin220

    HD600/HD650 Cable

    PM me with what you're selling and your asking price. I'm not interested in anything fancy, and would be perfectly fine with a stock cable if you have one (~$15 direct from Sennheiser). Just thought I'd try here before ordering one from them directly.   Thanks!
  14. tintin220

    Sennheiser HD600/650 Pads + foam insert

    Looking for a new (or like new) set of Sennheiser pads as well as the foam inserts.
  15. tintin220

    Millett Hybrid MiniMax

    Purchased about a month ago from here:   It works perfectly, sounds lovely (especially with Grados and HiFiMANs), and will come with the power supply, a set of extra tubes, as well as as a 3.5mm>1/4" adapter and a 3.5mm...
  16. tintin220

    Open Box HiFiMAN HE-400

  17. tintin220

    UE TripleFi 10 IEMs (see details)

    For sale are two UE TripleFi 10 IEMs for reshelling as customs:   (1) Custom remolded by Fisher Hearing. These were my main IEMs and have no issues whatsoever. Obviously will have to be reshelled unless you're a clone of me (or I'm a clone of you???).   (2) Stock TF10 with pin stuck...
  18. tintin220

    Chris Himself Silver Ray TF10 IEM cable

    Brand new Chris Himself Silver Ray IEM cable for sale, with TF10 connectors. I bought it originally to use with my TF10s, but ended up having them reshelled and got a new cable with the remolding so these have literally never been used. I've been keeping them as a backup cable for my TF10s, but...
  19. tintin220

    Liberated T50RP Drivers

    For sale are a pair of liberated T50RP drivers, originally meant for use in a Thunderpants clone. I built a couple, but never got around to finishing this last one, so I'm listing the drivers here. Asking price is $SOLD+ship CONUS.    For those interested, I have a set of cups/baffles as...
  20. tintin220

    Grado-style cups of any kind (wood, metal, plastic even!)

    Looking for Grado cups of really any material or kind, be it woodies, metal cups, or even plastic cups from the SR 60s and up. If you're selling cups from liberated headphones though, the inner plastic cup has to be in good condition and cannot be filed in half.    Shoot me an offer, thanks!
  21. tintin220

    Objective 2 Front Panel

    For anyone planning to build an O2, I have some enclosure related parts available:   (1) Standard Box Enclosure + back panel - $SOLD (2) Aluminum front panel from HeadnHifi ( - $SOLD (3) Custom etched aluminum front panel (see pictures) - $SOLD  ...
  22. tintin220

    Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 RCA Interconnects (1 ft)

    For sale is a set of BJC LC-1 RCA Interconnects. The 1-ft length is perfect for stacked components. They're reliable, well shielded, and sturdy as can be. Asking $20 + ship CONUS.
  23. tintin220

    HRT Music Streamer (Original)

    For sale is a like new HRT Music Streamer. It was originally purchased from another Head-Fi'er here:   It has seen at most 10 hours of use, primarily to test new amps I received or built for functionality. In my experience, I couldn't tell...
  24. tintin220

    Maverick Audio A1 Integrated Amplifier w/ upgraded Raytheon tubes

    For sale is a Maverick Audio A1 amp with the upgraded Raytheon 6AK5 tubes. The A1 works well as a headphone amplifier as well as a 20wpc speaker amp, and had no problems driving my bookshelf speakers. I am the second owner of the A1, which was purchased from a fellow Head-Fier, and it is in near...