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  1. asko

    Fiio X7 + AM1, AM2, AM5

    Selling my Fiio X7 + 3amps (AM1, AM2, AM5). In perfect working condition. Just Fiio + 3 amps without box, papers, cables, etc.  Worldwide shipping. PayPal fees and shipping cost is on my side.
  2. asko

    Sony NW-ZX2

    For sale my Sony NW-ZX2 in perfect condition. Everything in great working condition. Box, papers, cable, cover etc.  Worldwide shipping.  Paypal fees and shipping included. 
  3. asko

    Sony MDR-Z7

    Absolutely new Sony MDR-Z7. Just open box to check sound.  Shipping and all fees is on me. Made in Japan. 
  4. asko

    Audio-Technica ATH-ES10

    Hi everyone.  Headphones in great condition. Barely used. In original box.   Location: Kazakhstan, Almaty. Delivery and payment: Buyer pays exact shipping. 1. EMS + Cash-On-Delivery/Collect-On-Delivery if you live in the USA, Europe, Japan or Russia. 2. Bank transfer. In this case I can...
  5. asko

    Philips SHE9850

    Selling Philips SHE9850. Really great condition! Best price! +shipping. Feel free to ask. 
  6. asko

    Westone 4r

    Amazing westone 4r. Barely used. Best price! Just only 285$ for such great headphones +shipping. Feel free to ask. 
  7. asko

    NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-WS55X and ATH-WS33X SOLID BASS headphones

    Good news. New SOLID BASS headphones from Audio-Technica: Name Colors, comment MSRP Available since ATH-WS55X BK, BRD, with 53 mm drivers , on-ear ¥9,975 2013.06.20 ATH-WS33X BK, RD, WH, on-ear ¥6,300 2013.06.20 ATH-CKS77X BK, BRD, WH, in-ear ¥8,925 2013.04.18...
  8. asko

    Audio-Technica ATH-W3000ANV (#1687)

    Hi everyone. If you're reading the post you probably know that ATH-W3000ANV becoming rare and it's almost impossible to buy a new W3000ANV for this price.   History: I bought this ATH-W3000ANV in February and I have used it for 20 hours maximum. There are no visible scratches on cups or...
  9. asko

    [new headphones] Fischer Audio Renaissance

    All these new headphones will be available in April. Technical specifications are here: Enjoy.      
  10. asko

    Intriguing Fischer Audio

    Good news. Fischer Audio will release new headphones very soon.     There is a new post at the official Russian VK page of Fischer Audio. Quote:   Friends, you still with us? Quite a big update will be soon. Many new and very good sounding headphones will be in the coming...
  11. asko

    DAC+AMP for balanced armature?

    Hi. The problem is that I hear background noise when I use the ATH-CK100PRO with the FiiO E10 or the Dr.Dac2 DX Muses Edition.   I hear that background noise is always louder than background noise from "big" headphones (the ATH-ESW11LTD and the ATH-W3000ANV). I had selected 24/96 (24/192 is...
  12. asko

    New Sennheiser Amperior - Chinese New Year Edition

    Interesting news. Sennheiser will produce collectible headphones. This headphone is the first one.   The original Chinese news. Russian translation.   Limited by 88 pieces, available only from China, price is $600.