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  1. Hifiman HE-Adapter

    Selling this used Hifiman HE-adapter. I am the second owner. Item is in good condition and looks like it shows some small signs of use from the first owner. Adapter works great however I bought a cable to replace this. The case that the he-adapter comes in has a gash up top and it looks like...
  2. 2x Parasound Z.amp Speaker amplifier for HE-6 or speakers.

    Selling 2 Parasound Z.amps .These are the newest revision . These are in excellent condition as I didn't use them as much before I upgraded to a bryston Speaker AMP for my Hifiman HE-6. These are great because of the small footprint they have and can output 90w in bridged mono. Both amps are...
  3. Looking for a 4-pin xlr to Banana plug cable

    As the title suggests . Looking for one of these . Located just outside St.Louis Mo . Paypal of course.
  4. B-stock Schiit Freya S Black , Excellent condition!

    Purchased this on 3/22/2022 from schiit. There aren't any imperfections as far as I can tell. Works as advertised perfectly. Moved to another all in one preamp. Comes with Box , Manual , Power cord , remote. Paypal , US48 only. Enjoy free shipping throughout the US48
  5. a7xdeity

    HifiMan HE6 V2 Adorama

    I've had these for awhile and Love them over pretty much every HP out there. Currently Have a audeze headband conversion with Dekoni Hybrids . Running it off 2 parasound Z.amp V3's in bridged mono per channel. Looking to see if anyone has any comparisons with a Bryston 3b-st.
  6. [WTS][US-MO][H] Audeze LCD-X 2021 revision [W] Paypal

    Selling these excellent condition 2021 LCD-X's that I purchased B-stock from Replaced them with A pair of He6 that I felt in my opinion after all these years are technically and sonically superior. As these were b-stock these were probably a return with very very low...
  7. a7xdeity

    Hifiman HE6-SE

    thanks. Just contacted them . I have a Pair of 2021 Lcd-x's and Lcd-3's so luckily I dont have that issue.
  8. a7xdeity

    Hifiman HE6-SE

    Got a new set . I wasnt comfortable buying from aliexpress as I've had a terrible experience through them.
  9. a7xdeity

    Hifiman HE6-SE

    They are on sale for 599 @ adorama right now.
  10. a7xdeity

    Hifiman HE6-SE

    Does anyone know where I can buy a Yoke kit to convert the se2 into a audeze suspension headband? I can buy the headband and rods but no kit to be seen.
  11. a7xdeity

    Feedback by 'a7xdeity' on listing 'Audeze LCD-XC 2021 Creator Set'

    Bought these LCD-xc . Great Seller . Professionally packaged and in Excellent condition as Described
  12. WANTED : Hifiman HE-6 6 screw

    Looking for one of these in great condition. Please be smoke/pet free and actually work without issues . Located Just outside St.Louis Missouri. Please Have a 4pin XLR cable.
  13. Sony MDR-Z1R

    Selling these Used* Sony Z1r headphones . I bought these from JLOUD on here about 2 weeks ago . Love them But I dont want to give up on open backs just yet . Item is in great condition as he was the original owner . Paypal / US48 only . You pay for shipping . 1200$ You get the Original Box ...
  14. Audeze LCD-3

    Selling my Excellent Condition Audeze Lcd-3 , I purchased these about 2 months ago from WorldsBestheadphones on Ebay. They're one of the lucky few that are authorized to sell Audeze with Full Factory warranty. These have been used less than 10 hours You will get the Headphones , Audeze case ...
  15. Sony MDR-Z1R

    Looking for a pair of these in great condition ( would be a plus if you have a XLR or 4.4 balanced cable ). Please Be Non-Smoking and PET-free. Shoot me some offers , Worst I can say is NO. Zip is 63049. Paypal Invoice PREF
  16. a7xdeity

    What’s everyone using for desktop speakers?

    M-audio M3-8 Three way monitors
  17. a7xdeity

    Sennheiser HD820
  18. a7xdeity

    Sennheiser HD820

    WOO HOO.. My hd 820's i ordered this morning , Shipped today. and it will arrive wednesday. So hyped!
  19. a7xdeity

    4th Annual St. Louis Spring Meet (June 9, 2018)

    Im gonna try and show up.. I have a Schiit rag / yggy paired with my macbook.. And ill Bring my HD800S and Sony Z1R
  20. a7xdeity

    New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil

    Any reason why I can't find a Ragnarok for sale? Schiit has a production date of 6/3 . Been trying for over a week now. :)