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  1. John Buchanan

    Stax SRM Monitor - a history and appreciation of diffuse field equalisation.

    Headphone frequency response measurements, conducted with a microphone in front of the headphone driver, much as speaker measurements were conducted, observed that headphones with a measured flat frequency response did not sound as flat as they measured. Comparing the sound of a flat measured...
  2. John Buchanan

    Stax Sigma vs Lambda Nova Signature

    This is a comparison between the Stax Sigma low bias headphones run from a Stax SRM 1 Mk 2 Pro amplifier and the Stax Lambda Nova Signature (or LNS) headphones run from a Stax SRM-717 amplifier. 1.Physical comparison of the headphones. The Sigmas (see my avatar) are large and very box-like...
  3. John Buchanan

    Stax Sigma/SRD-6 for sale on Ebay

    Heads up - there's a Stax Sigma SRD-6 combo for sale on Ebay at the moment.
  4. John Buchanan

    Frequency responses of old and new Stax Lambdas

    The below are comparisons of the frequency responses of various Stax Lambda headphones as measured by Stax. 1. Lambda vs Lambda Pro 2. Lambda Nova Signature In the first comparison, notice the differences at about 8.5kHz and 15 kHz.
  5. John Buchanan

    Stax Omega 1/SRM T1 on Ebay Germany

    Heads up - there's a Stax Omega 1 /SRM t1s for the quick for Euro 1499 on Ebay Germany
  6. John Buchanan

    Stax ED1 frequency response

    This may be of interest to some of you - not sure what magazine it was printed in, as I found it on an old scrap of paper. Anyone interested can email me and I will send it out - the file won't shrink down enough to make sense when small enough to post as an attachment here.