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  1. seanwee

    iBasso DX160 (2020) vs Sony NW-ZX507 detailed comparison

    Ibasso DX160 (2020) vs Sony NW-ZX507 (V1) Comparisons were done with mango mode on the DX160 and direct source mode on the ZX507. Both using 4.4mm output and normalised to the same loudness. Starting off, tonality wise they are both neutral with a hint of warmth. Both have excellent...
  2. seanwee

    Need help identifying parts on a pcb

    Can anyone identify what are the parts on this DAP's PCB scan? Thanks Labelling the parts would be nice
  3. seanwee

    2.5mm male to 3.5mm female adapter?

    I was wondering if I could convert a 2.5mm balanced output to a 3.5mm se output. If I could, will it give me more driving power? I asked a local audio store and they said it will simply convert the 2.5mm balanced output to a 3.5mm se output without increasing the output.
  4. seanwee

    Best clear and detailed iem $100-200

    Hi guys its been a while since ive had to get new iems so i havent exactly been updated on new releases.But my CKR-9 has died and now im looking for a replacement pair that can hopefully surpass the CKR-9. I prefer a clean detailed sound and preferably a W-shaped signature. Essentially a...
  5. seanwee

    ESS Sabre 9018Q2C DAC/AMP - High-quality audio for the masses?

    At CES 2015 in Las Vegas,ESS announced the arrival of a new SoC (System On Chip) that integrates an audio DAC and a built-in amp ,it has low power consumption and is specially designed for mobile devices such as smartphones ,tablets and portable music players .   The new Sabre 9018Q2C is a D/A...
  6. seanwee

    How is a "warm sound" created in analogue components?

    Hey guys , as you all know at head fi , we often say how warm /bright an amp or DAC sounds but how is this warm sound "acquired"? What happened in the process of converting from digital to analogue and/or amping the analogue signal? I hope someone would be able to give a clear-ish answer. THX!!!
  7. seanwee

    How do drivers play so many frequencies simultaneously?

    Hey guys I just had this random thought while listening to an orchestral piece and I wondered " how the heck does one driver produce the violins , cymbals , piano , trumpets ,etc simultaneously? THX in advance !
  8. seanwee

    DAC/AMP for phone (JDS LABS C5D) or Dedicated Player (FiiO X3 2nd gen/Ibasso DX 50/ etc.) ?

    Hey guys , which option would give me better SQ ?   Getting a DAC/AMP to be used with my Samsung s4 ( JDS LABS C5D/ OTHER SUGGESTIONS)   OR   Would just an amp (JDS LABS C5/ OTHER SUGGESTIONS) be enough?   OR   Getting a dedicated player just for music (FiiO X3 2nd gen/Ibasso DX 50/...
  9. seanwee

    Best budget amp under 150 USD

    I currently own the Bravo Audio Ocean Hybrid amp and i find its design to be sub-par. It gets extremely hot after just 20 minutes of use. It also leaks current, probably because of its ungrounded power supply.   The leaked current travels to my Both my FiiO X1 and my CKR-9s. This causes a...
  10. seanwee

    FiiO mods (hardware)

    Post any mods you have made to your FiiO products here. Example:
  11. seanwee

    Using an impedance adapter to reduce hiss and get deeper bass???

    Im now using a CKR-9 with my FiiO X1.   Due to the 2ohm output impedance of the X1 and the low impedance + high-ish sensitivity of the CKR-9s im hearing hiss on all my tracks which was not present before i got the CKR-9s.   I looked into a number of treads but couldnt get a direct answer...
  12. seanwee

    Fastest and most Detailed iems for less than $100

    As the title states , i would like to get some earphones that are the best at detail for no more than $ 100 . This would normally mean Balanced Armature IEMs but im open to suggestions.   Any recommendations?
  13. seanwee

    Ibasso DX50 or FiiO X3 ii

    Looking to go a step up from my FiiO x1 mainly because of its output impedance of  2 ohms but would like an overall improvement .   Im currently looking at these 2 DAPs .How do they compare in terms of sound quality, UI, format support ,battery life, build and other extras?   My budget is...
  14. seanwee

    Sansa Fuze v2 Teardown

    Not sure if this is the place to post this but enjoy...... Got bored and decided to see whats inside the sansa fuze. Its quite easy by the way
  15. seanwee

    FiiO X1 upgrade?

    I currently own a FiiO X1 and i am looking forward to upgrade to a better dap as i now have some money to spend.   Output is not a concern as i am using 12 ohm iems. Please state the price of the daps you guys recommend !!! THX!!!
  16. seanwee

    Audio Technica CKR-9 VS IM-02

    What are the differences between the CKR-9 and IM-02 in direct comparison?   Both have good reviews but what is the difference between the two in terms of build quality/durability , Detail ,Imaging ,Soundstage ,Drivability ........etc.   Can someone with both (hopefully) state the...
  17. seanwee

    Should I buy a portable amp for my FiiO X1 or just buy a better DAP ?

    Hey guys I'm stuck between buying a portable amplifier for my FiiO X1 or just straight away buying a better player. Which option will sound better? I'm looking for increased detail retrieval,soundstage ,instrument separation and basically a noticeable improvement from my X1. If possible please...
  18. seanwee

    Iems with detailed sound and detatchable cables for $100-125

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a iem for instrumental music at around 100 to 125 dollars. I would prefer the iems to have very good detail,decent soundstage and instrument separation. I'm not a basshead so the bass of the iems should not be a deciding factor. I enjoy listening to movie...
  19. seanwee

    Best iems for instrumental music priced at around $100-150?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a iem for instrumental music at around 100 to 150 dollars. I would prefer the iems to have very good detail,decent soundstage and instrument separation. I'm not a basshead so the bass of the iems should not be a deciding factor. I enjoy listening to movie osts(not...