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  1. swmtnbiker

    ATH-M50x Replacement: Oppo PM-3/BeoPlay H6/Fostex TX-X00/???

    I've been away for a while but I'm looking to bump up my portable rig and I'm seeking out recommendations for a closed headphone to replace my ATH-M50x. Maybe. Even though I list them in the subject, I'm already auditioning the H6 and the PM-3 and find them both to be relatively, um...
  2. swmtnbiker

    Crack + Speedball vs. Lyr

  3. swmtnbiker

    New DAC Shopping: < $300 to Replace CI Audio VDA-1/VAC-1 Combo

    I haven't been lurking around Head-Fi much for the past couple for years, but as inevitably happens I find myself lured back into the headphone game and I'm itching for something new. I've alread been auditioning some new cans (HE-400, HFi-2400, Pro 900, DT-990, DT-880) to give my HF-2 a rest...
  4. swmtnbiker

    Props to Channel Islands Audio - My Great Experience

    So often we hear about the NEGATIVE dealings that most of us eventually have with audio companies while pursuing this little hobby. It's inevitable, and people tend to complain a lot more readily than they offer praise. So, let me relate a positive experience I just had with a well-respected and...
  5. swmtnbiker

    Etymotic ER-4P vs. HF5 - Opinions?

    Howdy Head-fiers. I've been away for a while and find myself coming back to seek some advice. My ER-4Ps were recently lost and I need to replace them. I've spent quite a few years enjoying their sound and isolation with a variety of sources, both amped and unamped. I arrived in the Ety camp...
  6. swmtnbiker

    RANT: Dirty Gear

    I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit on the anal side when it comes to cleanliness, and after perusing the FS forums here at Head-Fi tonight I have but one thing to say: CLEAN YOUR FREAKIN' GEAR!!! That's all.
  7. swmtnbiker

    HP Pavilion Notebook SPDIF Output - Anyone Using?

    So I bought a HP Pavilion DV6226US notebook today after much shopping, playing, and comparing specs. It was on sale at CC for $699 after rebates, and one of the things that swayed me in its direction was that it actually has an SPDIF optical output. This is NOT a common feature in PC notebook...
  8. swmtnbiker

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#6]

    Welcome to 2007!! Let's hope it's a better year than 2006 was, for everyone... Special Cases (Massive Attack - 100th Window)
  9. swmtnbiker

    KSC75 For Cheap At Amazon Again...

    In case anyone is looking, Amazon is selling the KSC75 directly (no third party shipping) for $12.64 as of the time of this post:
  10. swmtnbiker

    24 volt AC/DC Adapter for Millet Hybrid?

    Nevermind. Mods, please delete this thread. Thanks.
  11. swmtnbiker

    My Zebra HHF-1's...

    How sweet is it to come back from vacation to find an email from Larry waiting, informing me that my HHF-1's are finished and have shipped? This sweet: Deep Zebra woody, 1.5 meter recable with 1/4" termination, 325i headband assembly with (according to Larry) RS-1 leather. They should...
  12. swmtnbiker

    Headphile Senn V2 Cable - Opinions?

    I'm considering an aftermarket cable for my HD650s and am eyeing up the Senn V2 that Headphile is currently offering. The price is great and the quality of Larry's work is well known here, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info on this cable. How does it compare to the big boys? My...
  13. swmtnbiker

    Inexpensive Tube Amp With RS-1 Synergy?

    I miss the warm glow of tubes in my house and am considering a tube amp to pair up with my RS-1s. I'd like to keep the budget at $500 or less. Yeah, yeah, I know that isn't gonna get me much but I'm looking for recommendations anyway. My HeadAmp AE-1/RS-1 sound fantastic together, however I...
  14. swmtnbiker

    Heads-up: Koss Hold-A-Phone Headphone Hanger

    I haven't seen this little item mentioned at Head-Fi: It looks to be a great budget headphone storage solution if you're wanting something other than a free-standing hanger. Comes in black, blue, red, yellow, and "any custom color"...
  15. swmtnbiker

    Interesting Story: Man Sues Apple Over Potential Hearing Loss

  16. swmtnbiker

    Where's The AKG K601 Review Thread?

    The K701 has been elevated. Why not its sibling? Is there no love for the "lowly" K601 at Head-Fi?
  17. swmtnbiker

    HeadAmp AE-1 vs. Ray Samuels Audio "The Hornet" - Initial Impressions

    I'm currently comparing the AE-1 and Hornet using a Cardas 6" mini-mini, Zen Micro DAP with no EQ (256K VBR LAME MP3 files) and my Grado HF-1. They've each had approximately 12 hours of burn-in time. Both products are absolutely EXCELLENT headphone amplifiers with their own unique sound...
  18. swmtnbiker

    Single Amp Choice To Replace Current Home and Portable Amps?

    I'm thinking about consolidating my home and portable amplifiers by purchasing a single amp that can do BOTH well. And, of course, I'm looking for something that will be an upgrade sonically. My sources are a Denon DVD-2900 at home for Redbook, SACD, and DVD-A, and a Zen Micro DAP playing 256K...
  19. swmtnbiker

    Rio Karma On-The-Fly Playlist - Possible?

    OK, so I picked up a refurbed Rio Karma to play around with. So far I LOVE the sound of the player, but I've run across what could be a deal-breaker for me on it. After I've selected a track/artist/album/etc. to play, is there any way to ADD tracks/albums/etc. to the "now playing" list? In other...
  20. swmtnbiker

    Shure E2c Tri-Flange - How Comfortable Compared to Supplied Fit Kit?

    OK, so I've decided to stick with an IEM for my portable use and have spent time comparing the Shure E2c with the Etymotic ER6i. I find that I enjoy the sound of the E2c more and it improves even further with amping (the Etymotic not nearly so much). HOWEVER, my ears cannot take any of the...
  21. swmtnbiker

    Great Deal on Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 30GB at Buy.Com!

    If you're looking for a high capacity DAP on the cheap, here you go! has the Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 30GB MP3 player on sale right now for $199.99 - 10% OFF COUPON ($20) - $30 MIR = $149.99 shipped free. The coupon expires 7/31 at midnight. You MUST click through the coupon link...
  22. swmtnbiker

    Why won't foobar's kernel streaming work with Digital Out on my AV-710?

    I just installed a Chaintech AV-710 and have been playing around with it after reading the *excellent* setup guide posted here at Head-Fi. I've gone back and forth between the v1.43d and v4.32b drivers and am currently using v4.32b. Here's my problem - even though I've followed the instructions...
  23. swmtnbiker

    Yet Another Beyer DT531 Gush

    I purchased a pair of new DT531s from superman's ears a couple of weeks ago and they finally arrived on my doorstep from Germany. I've had a few days to listen to them, although not extensively due to my schedule. Well... All I can say is is that, IMO, the high praise heaped on these cans is...