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  1. jaybar

    Help! I Just got sennheiser Momentums. How can I tell what is left/right?

    Hi   As far as I can tell. I cant find and L or and R. What si left and what is right on therse headphones?   Thanks in advance.   Jay
  2. jaybar

    Looking for very good Soung and Great Comfort? P5? Sennheiser Momentum? Amperior? V-Moda?

    Hi   I listen to jazz, vocal, folk, chamber. Looking for very good Sound and great comfort in portable phones. Must have apple Control. They will be used with my iPhone 5 w/o an amp. Which of these to consider?   They should also be rugged. My reference rig has Gardo GS 1000. I waer...
  3. jaybar

    Portable on ear or around ear low impedance phones for iPhone ?

    Hi I am looking for phones with a very narrow plastic barrel so they fit my iPhone with Mophie case.
  4. jaybar

    Power Cords and Ray Samuels XP-7 headphone amp?

    Hi I have a new RSA XP-7. Power Cord suggestions? Ray used to suggest that nothing special was necessary. Is that still true? Thanks Jay
  5. jaybar

    Suggested GS 1000i break-in Time?

    Hi     Recommendations appreciated   Jay
  6. jaybar

    New to Portable Audio. Why is the Ray Samuels LOD very short and are there extenders?

    Hi All   I am new to the world of portable Audio. I just purchased a Ray Samuels Audion P-51 Mustang and his LOD Cable to use with my iphone and iPad.   Questions:   Any reasion why the LOD Cable is rather short? Do longer cables adversely affect the sound?     Are there LOD...
  7. jaybar

    Potential Resale Value of Gilmore KGSS Ectrostatic Headphone amp?

    Any idea what I might expect as potential Resale value should I decide to sell this amp ? Thanks Jay
  8. jaybar

    Headamp KGSS and Footers?

    Those who have used / are using the Headamp KGSS Electrostatic headphone amp. Have you found the amp to benefit from after market footers? Thanks in advance, Jay
  9. jaybar

    Headroom KGSS Electrostatic amp and footers?

    Hi Do you use your KGSS amp with the stock footers or have you found it to respond to after market footers? Thanks, Jay
  10. jaybar

    KGSS and Footers

    Is the KGSS Sensitive to after market footers or do most folks use it with the stock feet? Jay
  11. jaybar

    Break in for new Omega II's

    Mine should arrive tommorrow. I have been advised that it could take in excess of 250 hours. Is that correct? Any tips. I will be using an SRM 717. Thanks, Jay
  12. jaybar

    Omega II and KGSS vs SRM 717

    I am having the opportunity to audition the KGSS and Omega II's and comparing that to my SRM 717 with the Omega II's and also my SR 404's My initial reactions: 1) The KGss bright with the 404's 2) Compared to the SRM 717, the KGSS is much more transparant. 3) Sometimes the KGSS is too...
  13. jaybar

    Omega II Setup?

    Hi all On the Omega II's you can rotate the pads so that the the thicker part in toward the back or front etc. What is the usual recommendation for the O2's regarding rotation of the ear cup? I am borrowing a pair fore evaluation and the owner was not sure. Any idea? Jay
  14. jaybar

    Moving from an Stax SRM 717 to a Stax SRM 006t II with SR 404's?

    Hi I am bothered by the midrange (2k) treble peak in the SR 404's, which I am currently running with the SRM 717. Would moving to a SRM 006 t II help? Would the 006t be a step down from the 717? Would I need to go to the 007t to get an equivilent level of overall performance? TIA...
  15. jaybar

    Suggestions for mitigating the Stax SR 404 2-4K peak?

    Hi I am using these phones with the Stax SRM 717, Cardas Golden Ref IC's and Shunyata Taipan Alpha Helix power cord. Any suggestions for mitigating the peak, which is slightly annoying. Thanks, Jay
  16. jaybar

    Where do I go from here with my Stax SRM 717/404 systems?

    I thought I would move to the Omega II's, but I was dissapointed when I heard them at the National meet. Dark, slow, bass hump, rolled-off highs although ultra smooth. Should I consider another solid state amp (I do not want a tube amp) while retaining the 404's or are there other...
  17. jaybar

    Stax Storage Case?

    Does Stax make a Headphone storage case, and if so can it be used with the SR 404's? If not, what are the alternatives? I am aware about the Omega II case, but I may not be upgrading immediately, so I am very interested in a cool case for my 404's. Information on the Stax Carrying case...
  18. jaybar

    Stax SR 404/SRM 717 Break-In?

    Hi I have 4 days with this combo. They were new out of the box. The higs are reported to be tipped up which I so far do not find. The mid range is a bit recessed/"gray". By comparison the AKG K1000 had more mid range presence/vividness/wow. I even experienced more midrange presence with the...
  19. jaybar

    PK 1000 users: ositioning the AKG K1000's

    How far foward or back on the temples should the K1000's sit. I find that changing this does effect the sound and dynamics quite a bit. The sound can vary from this to full and very transparant and from confused to very pinpoint. I find that when my ear lobes protrude (foward position) the...
  20. jaybar

    Stax Questions

    hi all- 1) With the death of Stax's North American Distributor, this past summer, is there a new Distributor in place? 2) How long is the cable on the Stax headphones? I need 10 feet. If the cable is less than 10 feet, what are my options for short extension cables that would bring it to...
  21. jaybar

    Better low profile (< than 4 inches high) amps for the K1000's than the Grace m902?

    Hi all- Are thyere any amps for the AKG K1000 headphones that would be significantly better than my current Grace m902 and: 1) Be less than 4" high 2) Do not need more than 1" of ventilation (spece between shelves on my audio rack is only 5") 3) Be no more than 15" wide I assume I...
  22. jaybar

    Using the AKG 1000 with the Grace m902?

    I have just purchased a Grace 902 headphone amp and AKG 701 headphones. I am considering purchasing the AKG 1000 headphones. Is the Grace a good match with these? How would one connect the headphones to the Grace without having to take the headphones apart to modify them (I have no ability...
  23. jaybar

    Power Cord for Grace 902

    I just purchased a Grace m902. Grace users, does this unit respond to after market power cords. If so, which have you had success with? Thanks, Jay
  24. jaybar

    Are there better headphones than the HD 650/Zu with Ray Samuels XP-7?

    Hi I am using Ray Samuels XP-7 with the AD 797 and external power supply. I really like Ray's amps. I am wondering if there are better headphones than the Sennheisser HD 650's with the Zu cable. It is not that anything is wrong with the headphoes, but wondering what headphones might give...
  25. jaybar

    Emmeline HR-2 Users: Power supply placement and power cord questions?

    Hi- Just got an HR-2 directly from Ray. The way the power supply is connected to the amp unit would seem to suggest that the power supply be placed on the floor. That would place it near where my power cords are. Is that a problem? What power cords seem to work well with the unit...