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  1. iamthecheese

    Couple with spikes or use an isolation riser?

    Last night, I ended up picking some Mirage OM6 speakers up off craigslist for a great price for a floorstanding 2.0 setup. These will be going in my apartment in about a month once I move in. The living room floor is carpeted. It might be worth considering that the speakers are fairly unique...
  2. iamthecheese

    Mirage OM6?

    There's a pair of these up on my craigslist for 450, I googled around some and I couldn't find much except a stereophile review, it seems these were 3000/pair from 1997-2006 when they were made, and I figured they were atleast looking in to since I've been starting to look into a 2 channel set.
  3. iamthecheese

    Using soundcard and dac?

    After starting to play some fps's again after building my new dac(dual mono opus), I realized that while it sounds much better than my zero dac, its positional sound in games is pretty poor. I was wondering if anyone had ever run an External DAC, and an internal sound card such as an x-fi or...
  4. iamthecheese

    Case dealers for USA

    I know of Par-Metal, but before I order I'd like to know who else sells cases to the US for DIY work. I apologize since this has likely been answered before, but me and the search feature don't get along well.   Thanks!   Edit: Yes, I looked in the links resource, but alot of those links...
  5. iamthecheese

    Transformer coupled outputs for a dac?

    I've been reading up on this thread alot: over at DIYaudio for a DIY dac board from ebay, the popular choice seems to be putting transformers and some resistors in the output of the DAC chip, skipping op amps...
  6. iamthecheese

    Next DIY amp after minimax

    Last summer I built a DIY minimax and really enjoyed the process and learned alot, now back after a year of some Electrical/Computer Engineering education I'm ready to tackle something more complicated.   I really haven't set a definitive budget but just as an early guess I'd say 400-500ish...
  7. iamthecheese

    How sensitive are denon d2000 drivers to heat?

    Well in a recable attempt with my k601s I kill one of the drivers(my iron is a 25w weller for now). My current d2k cable is very tangled and bent up and I really just want a nice easy to manage cable. I'm not so concerned about sq increased as just a nice cable.   So my question is how...
  8. iamthecheese

    What connector to use for d2k mod?

    As part of my d2k mod series(J$, markl mod, LA cups) I was thinking of making a detachable cable by using the holes already drilled in the d2k housing, which are around 5mm +-1mm(couldn't get the exact measurement with the cable still in the hole). I was thinking of maybe using 2 mono TS 3.5mm...
  9. iamthecheese

    Closed K601 = ????

    While I really like the sound of my k601s(aka a more musical, less analytical k701) and especially after an SPC recable which made the guitars feel like they had even more power behind them. Unfortunately their open backed nature tend to bug the crap out of those around, and let noise in. Not a...
  10. iamthecheese

    Hmmm...Burn in test?

    Well I killed one of my k601 drivers so I'm about to order a new driver. So when I got to thinking this could be a way to test burn in. My idea of the test I would be blindfolded and I would get one of my siblings or friends to keep switching the headphones are while I was listening to songs...
  11. iamthecheese

    AKG Support?

    So I think I burnt my right k601 driver recabling I send them an email from the link on the akg site and I get this: Quote: Thanks for your inquiry. This is a JBL PRO product. JBL PRO is a different division from JBL Consumer. Please check out their website at JBL...
  12. iamthecheese

    Cheapest silver or SPC wire with a clear jacket?

    I'm looking to re-cable my k601s with cable that looks like this Thats the LOOK I'm going for, but not for the price of 5-10 dollars per foot for cable. I'm not really looking for a better sound, but I'll welcome one if that's the outcome. Basically, I want to recable to give my k601s a...
  13. iamthecheese

    Best way to get digital out of my computer to my DAC.

    Right now I'm using this <<UK>> The AVLAND DPC Digital USB to Optical PC Link to convert a usb to an optical to go to my modded zero. I'm starting to think with my upcoming Millet Minimax build this convert is become the weak link in my system. If I use the coax out on my mobo its very...
  14. iamthecheese

    Anything Else I should know?

    I'm new to headphone DIY, but not electronics DIY. I'm fairly competent with soldering, mainly from repairing broken power plugs on laptops, car audio, and general electronics repair. I've replace the inverter for the backlight on my LCD tv, replaced blown caps in a couple car amps, and done...
  15. iamthecheese

    Upgraditis has struck me.

    So whats the weak link or area that could be improved most in my setup? Setup right now is: coax out from a diamond xs71 bitperfect To Zero dac with franken mod bought from here: More info...
  16. iamthecheese

    Anyone have opinions on RE0 vs RE252?

    I was pretty set on the re0s until I saw the re252s on sale today. I've read over a couple threads and can't really develope a conclusion for myself. I have a fiio e5 amp for now, but I plan on spending 75-100 bucks on a portable amp around christmas. Does anyone have any input here?
  17. iamthecheese

    Entry DAC - Under $200

    My soundcard in my computer started getting a little crackley, outputs on the back of the card intermittently working, so its time for a new source. I was thinking about getting a xonar essence, but I thought it would be nice to able to use an external DAC on any of my computers(through USB or...
  18. iamthecheese

    Such thing as fake ATH ES7s?

    I'm looking at getting some ES7s for school, i was searching around google shopping and found these: Audio Technica ATH-ES7-BK Portable Headphones on United States Any chance their fake/counterfit? or just a great price.
  19. iamthecheese

    AKG k601 + LD MK III?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or advice with the LD mk III and akg k601s. When talking with another member who had the k701s and MKiii, he didn't have good results. But the k701s have 62 ohm vs the 601s 120 ohm. Anyone have any input?