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  1. redrich2000

    Budget phone with LDAC and APTX HD?

    I’m looking for a portable solution that will do LDAC and APTX HD and offline Tidal. I was looking at the FiiO M9 but I doubt will ever use it wired, I have other gear for that, so I'm paying for DACs and Amps I'd never use. Now I’m thinking a cheap android phone might be the best option. Any...
  2. redrich2000

    Power, impedance and volume

    Just wanted to try to learn more about amp power and how it manifests in different headphones. I've got both a Valhalla 2 and a Lyr 2 with me at the moment. Listening with my HE-4XX, the Lyr has massively more power theoretically, 6W v >160mW. But the volume level is almost identical on them. I...
  3. redrich2000

    Headphone restoration/modification Sydney?

    This is a long shot. Does anyone know anyone in Sydney who'd be up for restoring/modifying an old set of Koss A250?
  4. redrich2000

    Sabre DAC static help

    I have a Sabre DAC I've been using for a while. Just switched it to a new Dell PC. It's started going static-y. If I unplug it and plug it in again is corrects. Is this likely a problem with the DAC or the USB port or something else?
  5. redrich2000

    Question about balanced mini-plugs

    Just got some Hifiman RE-600 phones. They have a balanced mini plug. The balanced plug doesn't work in my iphone or ipod, but it does work in my Headstage Arrow amp. The Arrow doesn't have balanced output AFAIK, so I'm wondering what's going on here?
  6. redrich2000

    Stanford survey PM scam?

    So I just got a PM asking me to do a survey for some Stanford "headphone lovers and computer nerds". Scammers PMing us now What!!?!?!
  7. redrich2000

    Finally my 1500th post: SUPREMUS!

    So finally, after originally finding this page while looking for replacements for broken ipod buds, my 1500th post and it’s only taken me almost 10 years, must be one of the slowest ever. After an initial burst I’ve only sporadically been on, usually if I need some new gear. The rest of the time...
  8. redrich2000

    Someone should make a GPS tracker for gear

    We all buy and sell tons of gear. Always wonder where the bits and pieces I've owned over the years have travelled on the head-fi trail. It would awesome if you could attach a GPS tracker to stuff and then follow it around the world.
  9. redrich2000


    I'm sure there's been threads in the past but I thought it was time for a new one... I enjoy a dram at anytime but especially when I listening to music. I have a few bottles on the go at the moment. Really enjoying Nikka from the barrel; Balvenie 12yo single cask and the bottle of Glenmorangie...
  10. redrich2000

    FAD Heaven IV, V or VI?

    Been searching around for a while and have not been able to find many good impressions of the FAD Heaven line up. I'm currently using some Fischer DBAII Mk2s. They have very good detail and separation but are very harsh/splashy in the treble. For years I've searching for a shallower fitting...
  11. redrich2000

    Apple TV + DAC options

    I've been watching videos on my macbook with the sound into my stereo via a sabre USB DAC. I want to get an Apple TV to I can do away with the mini-display to HDMI cable. I will still want the sound through my stereo, but it's a bit older and doesn't have optical in. So, is my best option gonna...
  12. redrich2000

    Where to get iMod docks these days?

    I am after some 5g iMod docks, one that will charge it will playing and a low-profile right-angle LOD. Does anyone know anywhere that still stocks them or any people who can make them?
  13. redrich2000

    iMod questions

    I have a 5.5g iMod. It is currently basically dead. It will power up if I hold the click wheel button down, but as soon as I let it go, the screen fuzes out. When powered it gives battery error warnings. I have written to Vinnie about it, he thought it might be the motherboard, he also suggested...
  14. redrich2000

    New battery for 30GB 5.5G iMod

    Need a new battery for my iMod. Extra capacity would be nice. It is based on a 30GB 5.5G ipod video but has a 228GB SSD installed. Looking at this one, any other recommendations?
  15. redrich2000

    Reduce bit rate but keep lossless?

    I have some ALAC files that have very high bit rates (2000+) which won't load onto my iMod for that reason. Is there a way to reduce the bit rate but keep them as lossless files? Max and iTunes don't seem to be able specify the bit rate unless you convert to MP3.
  16. redrich2000

    Philips L1 leakage?

    Just reading the L1 impressions thread and folks there seemed to claiming it is basically equivalent to a closed headphone in terms of of sound leakage out. I am dubious of this based on previous experience with semi-open phones. So now that people have had them for a while and the initial...
  17. redrich2000

    Question about file conversion and bit rates

    Never sure where this stuff goes, its not exactly computer related specifically anyway here goes...   How close are 448kbps mp3s to lossless files? When there isn't a CD available, would it be better to DL flac files and convert to alac using Max for ipod use or would 448k MP3s be just as...
  18. redrich2000

    Best $50 USB DAC, amp not needed

    I want to get a cheap DAC to connect between an iMac and powered external speakers. I wouldn't mind a DAC/amp combo but it would need to have a pass through feature. But ideally I just want a cheap USB DAC that is powered out of the computer with a mini out. I don't need something amazing, just...
  19. redrich2000

    Cheap, open, over-ear phones for movies?

    I want to get some cheap open phones for watching movies. By cheap I mean $50. Ideally an open version of the Senn HD201 would be ideal. Any suggestions?
  20. redrich2000

    Weird iPod issue...

    I have an MP3 album which plays in my iTunes library and from my iPods through iTunes. But when I play it on either a newish ipod classic or an older ipod it just cyles through the album without playing anything. Any idea what the problem would be?
  21. redrich2000

    Some random questions about headphones...

    Some questions to keep you up at night...   1. Are headphones a pair? So is it my SA5000 or my SA5000s? 2. What percentage of gear bought by members do you reckon is sold on? 3. What do reckon the record would be for the most number of owners of a piece gear? 4. Given that the quality...
  22. redrich2000

    K701 Owners: have you heard the MDR SA-5000?

    Been trying out a few borrowed phones over the last few days alongside my Sony SA5000, inlcuding a K702. My impression is that the K702 has the same sound sig generally but the Sony has better detail, clarity, air and speed across the spectrum. Given they are the same price and the K70x seem to...
  23. redrich2000

    Cheap DAC with headamp and RCA out?

    Just wondering which cheap DAC/amp that has an RCA line out people recommend?
  24. redrich2000

    FiiO E7 v Firestone Audio FireyeII v Nuforce Icon mobile?

    No one responded in computer audio so I thought I would try here.... Thinking of getting a cheap DAC/amp for my laptop. I will use it into powered speakers watching video and with headphones. I don't want to spend heaps, just want something that will give an improvement on the laptop...
  25. redrich2000

    Head-fi review policy?

    Just wondering whether head-fi has anything like a review policy? I assume that the "member of the trade" section is a means to identify posters who have a vested interest. But I see reviews on here from people who seem to get sent gear for the purpose of the review and come across as...