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  1. reeltime

    Wyred4Sound DACs and OSX Mavericks (Just say NO for now...)

    Warning--   Installed OSX Mavericks this week, and it won't communicate with my Wyred4Sound DAC 2.  Contacted Wyred4Sound, they don't have a driver yet for Mavericks.     They said it won't be too long, but for now, my DAC2 is a paperweight.
  2. reeltime

    Impressions from T.H.E. Show, Newport

    I spent some time jumping from room to room at the Newport show, and came away with my opinions greatly altered and shattered ideas about where I might spend money in the future.     Obviously being a Head-Fier, I focused my time in the headphone area, but I did swing through the Hilton next...
  3. reeltime

    Anyone know where the database in Fidelia is located?

    I'm stuck.  The app tells me the database is corrupt on launch-- but I can't find the database to delete it.   Anyone know where they stick it?
  4. reeltime

    I / O Oh No! Best digital solution for MacBook Pro?

    A lot of talk in the threads about how optical digital sources are inferior to coax digital sources.  I buy into that concept.  Yet on a MacBook Pro, the options you have to feed a digital source are either USB or optical only.  Is anyone converting to a coax out?  If so, how are you doing the...