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  1. isquirrel

    Antipodes DX Music Server

    Anyone played with one of these ?   Thinking of adding one to my system to get rid of the computer noise etc etc.
  2. isquirrel

    New Nagra HD DAC

    Thought I would start a thread on this remarkable piece of gear. It is clearly a serious (and expensive) bit of equipment.    There's an initial review up on six moons.    
  3. isquirrel

    New rig - Audeze LCD-X + ALO Salty Pepper Cable + Woo WA7 or Cypher Theorum 720??

    I am putting together a new rig having been out of the Headphone arena for some time. I have come up with the above equipment list and while I realise that the 2 amps are different in that one is portable one is not, I have limited funds so I have to choose between the two amps. I am also not...