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  1. bobfa

    Review by 'bobfa' on item 'Questyle CMA Fifteen DAC/Amp'

    I have been doing too much work lately, and this review got caught in the middle. My notes and processes fell a bit. Also, I have been putting off writing this review because I was not sure where to go with it. I might be getting jaded, or something else is causing my brain block. With...
  2. bobfa

    Watts Up...?

    I had a Hugo 2 and found it very nice, but I sold it because it is not a portable DAC, nor is it a Desktop DAC. I still have my Mojo and use it "some", and more lately, I am working with the way. The Mojo 2 is of great interest using my iPhone as the computer. Yet I am tempted by the new...
  3. HD800 Headphones

    I am selling my HD800 headphones. These work fine and have had no modifications. Original box!
  4. Soekris 2541

    I have not been using my Soekris 2541 lately So I would like to sell it.
  5. bobfa

    New Loaner Program - Chord Hugo TT2

    The TT2 is a pretty big step up. It can fill multiple needs better. I was pleasantly surprised by how much better it sounded. What this actually leads me to is to look at the Dave and the M-Scaler. I do not spend a lot of time with my headphone system. For my current needs, the Hugo 2 is...
  6. bobfa

    New Loaner Program - Chord Hugo TT2

    Many thanks to Todd from TTVJ Audio for setting up his loaner program. Just a little background to start. I have two Chord DACs, the Mojo and the Hugo 2. They both perform very well, and while they target the same use case, I use them differently. I use the Mojo for portable situations...
  7. bobfa

    Epic Headphone Event! Chicago - October 27th

    Audio Consultants hosted a headphone event in the Evanston store on October 27, 2018. I was able to attend and thought I would share my experience. I have only been to a few headphone events, and this experience was different. The in-store event was more personal and a lot quieter. It was...
  8. bobfa

    Mytek Brooklyn Thread

    I have not heard the booster but I have the JS-2 that the second rail is running my MacMini and the combo is darn impressive. I would not go back. The improvement on the DAC+ was welcome but the improvement to the system cleaning up the power to the Mac mini is nothing short of a miracle! I...
  9. bobfa

    Mytek Brooklyn Thread

    I assume you have a power amp in there! Between the DAC and the speakers... Something has to control the volume. If Roon controls it then you have to get the settings right before you turn off the control in the DAC. I use my DAC+ and control the volume with it. I have played a little bit...
  10. bobfa

    24-bit audio a con, according to Gizmodo

    Well to add fuel to the fire.  HD Tracks newsletter yesterday said something about a "big" announcement next week.
  11. bobfa

    Re-cable to balanced for headphones. Wondering if there is a standard way to go back to SE

    The headphones will be plugged into a iBasso PB2 and an RSA SR71B so i need two connectors for that and one for singled ended.
  12. [No title]

    [No title]

    iBasso DB1
  13. [No title]

    [No title]

    The first version of the iBasso portable DAC
  14. [No title]

    [No title]

    Stack of two Ibasso PB2's to show the front and rear as well as the colors
  15. [No title]

    [No title]

    Both Colors front and rear vew
  16. bobfa

    A Breath of Fresh AirHead

    Tyll, Thanks for all the information both here and on your web site. Also emails from your team have helped me a lot. I trimed my budget a lot to walk into this river instead of diving in, so Clear Total Bithead ordered tonight. I have not been able to listen to a lot of hardware yet, so...
  17. bobfa

    Help with itunes and ipod??

    Did you save your itunes library files? You should be able to point itunes at the "new" library on your D drive. I am pretty sure that iTunes will find a library in your My Documents folder no matter which drive it is on. My Documents is typically a symbolic link. So just restore your saved...
  18. bobfa

    Mac OS X: what's the best (safest) way to uninstall programs or drivers?

    Applications are typically installed in the applications folder. To remove them just drag the application to the trash. So if a program installs to Applications -> My Program. Just drag the My Program folder to the trash. There are a lot of web sites that cater to MAC owners. Try starting at...
  19. bobfa

    quick question: what do steeped attenuators do?

    A stepped attenuator in most cases consists of two sets of many position switches that connect different resistors for precise control. The switches are very high quality and the resistors are precision parts that are matched. They are expensive to build vs normal volume control...
  20. bobfa

    Mac: What Audio Player you use ?

    You can org folders in iTunes. From the file menu select new folder. Then when you have the folders created drag the albums into the folders. (iTunes 6.04)
  21. bobfa

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#4]

    The mummerss' dance from The Book of Secrets Loreena McKennitt.
  22. bobfa

    Help me Spend my Bonus!

    It was a great 2005 for me and it looks like I am getting a bonus! Before we spend the rest on our house I want to build my headphone systems. My music is mostly FLAC/Apple Lossless and some 320VBR. I listen to just about everything. Bach to Led Zepplin. I am looking to expand the soundstage...
  23. bobfa

    SR-71 sighting

    I cannot fly so I may want to listen to one!
  24. bobfa

    Circumaural vs Supraaural

    Quote: Originally Posted by commando supraaural = the headphones rest on your ears circumaural = the headphones go around your ears I might have the spelling wrong, but you get the idea. In-Canal or canal phones. Headphones that are inserted in your ear, like a hearing aid...