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  1. Joeybgood

    Best Solid State Amp around $2k ??

    Hey y'all !! I am going mostly electrostatic these days and thus am likely selling my lovely Cavalli Liquid Gold(less than a year old) but still want a really nice SS amp for when I DO listen to my non-Estat cans. I just can't justify having such an incredible amp that isn't getting used like...
  2. Joeybgood

    Cavalli LAu - Fuse location

    I just purchased a LAu and would like to install audiophile fuses. Can someone tell me how the fuses are  accessed? Tks!
  3. Joeybgood

    USB vs Toslink/Coax

    If a computer's motherboard has a toslink and/or coax optical out, all things being equal, (not having a Wyrd, Regen etc in the chain) would the Toslink/Coax always be the best choice to connect to one's DAC? Will it always yield the better quality signal over the USB?
  4. Joeybgood

    Laser ELP Turntable

    as awesome as this sounds, how is it able to 'read' the vinyl disc via laser without converting it into a digital signal ?
  5. Joeybgood

    AfterShokz: Trekz Bone Conduction Headphones

    These look :) interesting. Thought folks might wanna jump on this Indiegogo campaign or at least give it a read.
  6. Joeybgood

    DAC vs AMP

    When a person auditions an amp, they, of course, have it paired with a DAC. How does one know that what they are hearing thru their cans is due to the amp vs the Dac? Speaking of that, what percentage of the sound that comes flowing into your headphones is due to the Dac vs the Amp in your...
  7. Joeybgood

    Headphone cable length - at what length does quality get impacted?

    Wondering at what length do folks feel that the sound quality becomes adversely affected? Does it depend on the  quality of the cable? Looking to have custom cables made and would love some input. tks!
  8. Joeybgood

    Online streaming music.... which site is best?

    I've heard of Amarra and Tidal etc. Just wondering(since I believe they're all pay sites)which would you recommend and why? tks!
  9. Joeybgood

    Amps and DACs being plugged into surge protectors

    So I read a review by someone  stating  that having his amp and/or DAC plugged into a surge protector was causing noise/interference and , of course, degraded the sound quality. Is this a universal truth? Should amps/DACs always be plugged directly into an a/c outlet to avoid adverse effects...
  10. Joeybgood

    Martin Logan Neolith/AudioQuest Nighthawk

    I wanted to say hello to all the HeadFi'ers out there. I've followed this site for a little while and finally signed onboard. I am thrilled to be heading up to the "Music Matters" event this Thursday at SoundWorld in Appleton, WI  where Reps from Audioquest will be present and thus I will be...