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  1. nor_spoon

    How about the JVC HP-DX1000 paired with Zana Deux?

    Anyone listened to this combo? I have been on the outlook for a different flavour than the HD650, and after reading until my eyes are big, red and sore, my shortlist for now, has boiled down to only this can. I really like the sound of the HD650's with the Zana, but would be nice to try a...
  2. nor_spoon

    Norwegian Headfiers: How about a head-fi meet!?

    I thought it would have been really fun if we could manage to get together a have a head-fi meet sometime in the near future. Any interest in this? I don't know the best location, but suppose Oslo would be the natural choice? If you are interested, please post and share your suggestions...
  3. nor_spoon

    Any guitarists on head-fi using the Palmer PDI-03?

    Just bought a Palmer PDI-03 re-issue. I am going to use it with my 100W Mesa Trem-O-Verb 2x12 combo, so I am able to crank it up, making it sing (hopefully ) Not much use of a 100W tube amp for "bedroom use", so I think this will come in handy. Does anybody on headfi have experience with this...
  4. nor_spoon

    Videoplayer with ASIO support?

    I have been using VLC for a long time, but after getting an external DAC that connects to my PC with a coaxial, I no longer have sound. The problem is that this otherwise nice player, no longer supports ASIO. Do I really have to install Winamp or other crappy videoplayer to get sound with...
  5. nor_spoon

    ASIO or Direct Sound with ASIO capable soundcard

    Wondering if there is/should be any difference in SQ when using ASIO compared to Direct Sound in XP... Any opinions?