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  1. drago10029

    Amp vs. DAC vs. Sound Card: What's the difference?

    Hey, so I've been learning about all of these things lately.  Here is what I know.   Amp - takes source sound and gives it more power and processes sound DAC - Just converts digital to analog? Sound Card - Processes sound and sometimes can be both of the above?   I just want a solid...
  2. drago10029

    Need some guidance PS4 Gaming Setup

    Important Info Below/Goals: WHAT IS THE BEST CONFIGURATION FOR SOUND QUALITY AND TO AVOID TONS OF CABLES??   1. So bad news, I have a measly 100$ ish.. budget for now lol. 2. This is mainly for a PS4 to hear amazing game audio and chat with my pepz.  I have a TOSLINK cable and my TV has a...