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  1. flinkenick

    The DITA Twins: Fealty and Fidelity

    Following a limited run of the 'Dream', dynamic driver specialists DITA Audio recently launched their two new IEMs, the Fidelity and Fealty. Building forth on their acquired know-how from the Dream, the twins are designed with an evolution of the Dream's dynamic driver, and a more ergonomic...
  2. flinkenick

    flinkenick's 17 Flagship IEM Shootout Thread (and general high-end portable audio discussion)

    INTRODUCTION The Headphone List was founded by ljokerl and average_joe, the two pioneers of iem reviewing and early contributors to the portable audiophile community. Long before I became familiar with Head-Fi, I’d been redirected there many times after searching for a review of some lower...
  3. flinkenick

    High end (IEM) cable thread: impressions, pics, comparisons and reviews.

    A primer on high-end cables Introduction This article can be viewed as a brief discussion on the performance of cables throughout different tiers. This is just to provide a rough picture of the world of high-end upgrade cables, based on my experience. I can imagine that there’s a healthy...
  4. flinkenick

    EarSonics to launch new entry model with 2 BA drivers: the SM2-iFI

    Following the top tier S-EM6 and subtop tier Velvet comes a new entry model: the SM2-iFI.   Priced at 219 euros, the SM2-iFI will sport 2 balanced armature drivers (1 low, 1 high).   Specs from the site: Sensibility: 116 dB/mW Frequency Response: 20 Hz -19 kHz DCR: 44 ohms Driver: 2...